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== Fedora {{Template:DocsDict/BeatsVer}} Overview ==
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As always, Fedora continues to develop ( and integrate the latest free and open source software ( The following sections provide a brief overview of major changes from the last release of Fedora. For more details about other features that are included in Fedora 11, refer to their individual wiki pages that detail feature goals and progress:{{Template:DocsDict/BeatsVer}}/FeatureList
Throughout the release cycle, there are interviews with the developers behind key features giving out the inside story:
The following are major features for Fedora {{Template:DocsDict/BeatsVer}}:
* Improved WebCam support
* Better Video Codec
* Audio Improvements
* Better Power Management
Some other features in this release include:
* Automatic bug reporting tool
* Bluetooth on demand
* Many, many virtualization enhancements
* Still more security improvements

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