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Support for extracting RAR files by default

File Roller, the graphical archive manager for GNOME has been built with support for extracting compressed archives in RAR format in this release. File Roller uses unar, a free and open source command line multi-format extractor that is part of "The Unarchiver" project for extracting RAR files. In previous Fedora releases, users have to install the non-free unrar tool from a third party repository for the same purpose. This is not necessary anymore.

Fedora still does not have any default support for creating new RAR files since there is no free and open source tool that provides this functionality. Fedora however includes support for several free and open source compression formats that are generally considered to be more efficient than RAR such as the popular XZ format ( and it is recommended that you use that format to distribute compressed files.

KDE Software Compilation


The latest version of a familiar favorite, MATE 1.6 builds on modern functionality to provide a polished, stable desktop environment.

Read more about changes in MATE from the project's release announcement at .