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Git has been updated to 2.4.0 from 2.1.0 Ticket for Documentation of Git 2.4.0 Fedora 22 has includes Git 2.4.0. Git is a very popular version control and collaboration tool. The previous version of Git was 2.1.0 in Fedora 21.

New Features:

git push --atomic

New to Git in 2.4 and for Fedora is the atomic option. The --atomic option does an all - or - nothing push update. This can be useful for automated tools. An example would be adding --atomic to the end of a simple git push: git push origin --atomic For more information on how to do an atomic push please visit

Push to Deploy

Introduced in Git 2.3.0 and new to Fedora is the ability to push to deploy. This feature will allow someone to push a branch to a git server even if the branch is checked out on that server.

Inverted Grep

Inverted grep, or --inverted grep will let you search for items that do not match the pattern you have entered. Inverted grep will give the ability to do "everything else but" searching. For example, if you wanted to search the git log for everything the user grundblom did that was not grammer edits You could use the command: git log --all --author=grundblom --invert-grep --grep=grammer

Additional updates and enhancements:

  • Ports
  • UI, Workflows, and Features
  • Performance
  • Internal Implementation
  • Development Support

For more information about Git 2.4.0, please visit the release notes at: