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The contents of this beat have been sent for translation for the GA version of the Release Notes. Any additional changes to this beat will not appear until after the release of Fedora 12. If you have zero-day changes, be sure to post a bug.

International Language Support

This section includes information on language support under Fedora.


iBus has undergone further development and improvements, such as:

  • Native input method module for Qt4 (ibus-qt).
  • Key layout support for input method developers. It also enables non-US-QWERTY users to use input methods that were designed only for US-QWERTY.


More Chinese tables have been ported from scim-table to ibus-table.


Lohit fonts have been split to subpackages for every supported script. Lohit fonts are now Unicode 5.1 compatible.


IPA fonts have been added to provide good quality fonts with cover of JIS2004. Installation of ipa-gothic-fonts, ipa-pgothic-fonts, ipa-mincho-fonts and ipa-pmincho-fonts packages is recommended to get JIS2004 features on Fedora.