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Introduction A live image is a safe and easy way to test the Fedora operating system on your own familiar hardware. If you enjoy this experience, you can install the live system software to your system's hard drive. The installation can either replace your existing operating system, or co-exist separately on your hard drive. This live image provides you with an experience that is very similar to running Fedora, but there are some important differences. Refer to link titlefor more information.

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   1. not hardcoding the fedora-release package name in the %post scriptlet
   (in the place that imports the Fedora RPM GPG key). Instead, using
   "--whatprovides system-release", which is strictly equivalent if
   fedora-release is used, but also works when the *-release package is
   named differently.
   This makes live easier for remixes, which have to replace fedora-release
   with generic-release or ${remixname}-release. They would otherwise have
   to edit fedora-live-base.ks.
   fedora-live-base.ks |    2 +-
   1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
   diff --git a/fedora-live-base.ks b/fedora-live-base.ks
   index 29be3c2..3e29713 100644
   --- a/fedora-live-base.ks
   +++ b/fedora-live-base.ks
   @@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ systemctl enable tmp.mount
   # work around for poor key import UI in PackageKit
   rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*
   -releasever=$(rpm -q --qf '%{version}\n' fedora-release)
   +releasever=$(rpm -q --qf '%{version}\n' --whatprovides system-release)
   basearch=$(uname -i)
   rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-$releasever-$basearch
   echo "Packages within this LiveCD"[[1]]

   2.  kde: disable baloo for live user
   fedora-live-kde-base.ks |    6 ++++++
   1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
   diff --git a/fedora-live-kde-base.ks b/fedora-live-kde-base.ks
   index 7624f29..74ba8eb 100644
   --- a/fedora-live-kde-base.ks
   +++ b/fedora-live-kde-base.ks
   @@ -90,6 +90,12 @@ cat > /home/liveuser/.kde/share/config/kdedrc << KDEDRC_EOF
  +# Disable baloo
  +cat > /home/liveuser/.kde/share/config/baloofilerc << BALOO_EOF
  +[Basic Settings]
  # Disable kres-migrator
  cat > /home/liveuser/.kde/share/config/kres-migratorrc << KRES_EOF