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== amarok ==
The '''amarok''' music player has been updated to 2.3.1 with new features like an automated playlist generator, a context view and an upcoming events view. may be reviewed for additional details.
== audacity ==
'''audacity''' has been upgraded to 1.3.12.  Included are user interface improvements, the ability to import file lists, and more.  The complete details may be found at
== calibre ==
The '''calibre''' bookreader 0.7.10 includes more customization options, saving of column layouts and more.  Refer to for the full details of all the changes since 0.6.42.
== clementine ==
New to Fedora 14, '''clementine'' is a full featured music player and library organizer. '''clementine'' is a port of an old favorite version of '''amarok'', with additional features.
== gst123 ==
'''gst123'' is a command line player intended to be simple and small.  It understands all formats supported by gstreamer.
== radiotray ==
'''radiotray''', also new to Fedora 14, is a simple radio streaming player.  Details may be found at
== xnoise ==
'''xnoise''' is yet another media player, this time with a different view on managing audio tracks.  More information on this player may be found at
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