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= blender =
'''blender''' has been updated to 2.6.1.  This release includes many new features including a new, faster rendering engine, motion tracking, dynamic painting, an ocean simulation, and much more.  Refer to and for additional details.
= calibre =
'''calibre''' has been upgraded from 0.8.11 to 0.8.39.  Among the many improvements; deleted books are moved to the recycle bin instead of just deleting, multiple filenames can be passed on the command line, there is now a preference setting for how much a font size changes when larger/smaller is clicked, the popup asking about converting formats can be disabled, many new and improved recipes, and much more.
= epris =
'''epris''' is a small, lightweight music player.  '''epris''' is new to Fedora 17.  For a (very) brief overview, go to
=epstool =
'''epstool''' is a utility to create or extract preview images in EPS files, fix bounding boxes and convert to bitmaps.  It is also new to Fedora 17.
= gimp =
'''gimp''' has been upgraded to 2.7.4.  There are many changes, some very significant.  Among the highlights:
* '''gimp''' 2.7 introduces an optional single-window mode. You can toggle between the default multi-window mode and the new single-window mode through the Single-window mode checkbox in the Windows menu.
* '''gimp''' now allows dockable dialogs in a dock window to be placed in multiple columns.
* The docking bars have been removed and replaced with overlaid highlights. The dockable drag handle has been removed and the dockable menu button has been moved up to the tabs. A new Automatic tab style has been added which makes dockable tabs use the available space.
* A rather big conceptual change is that saving and exporting images now are clearly separated activities. Saving an image can only be done in the XCF format which is GIMP's native file format, able to save all kinds of information necessary for works in progress.
* For complex compositions, a flat layer structure is very limiting. GIMP 2.7 lets users organize their compositions better through the introduction of layer groups which allow layers to be organized in tree-like structures. Layer groups are fully scriptable through the GIMP plug-in API.
* Text editing with the Text Tool is now performed on-canvas instead of in a separate window.
* Enhancements have also been made to the size entry widget, which is used for inputting most of the x, y, width, height parameters. For example, in the scale dialog it is now possible to write '50%' in the Width field to scale the image to 50% of the width. Expressions such as '30in + 40px' and '4 * 5.4in' work, too.
There are many other improvements which can be researched at
= idjc =
Internet DJ Console is a project to provide a powerful yet easy to use source-client for individuals interested in streaming live radio shows over the Internet using Shoutcast or Icecast servers.  '''idjc''' appears for the first time in Fedora.
= vpmk =
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a MIDI events generator and receiver. It doesn't produce any sound by itself, but can be used to drive a MIDI synthesizer (either hardware or software, internal or external). '''vpmk''' is new to Fedora.

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