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== Better Webcam Support ==
Support for webcams continues to improve in Fedora 13, with many bug fixes and improvements to existing webcam drivers. Drivers for several dual-mode cameras (still cameras that can act as webcams) have been merged into the mainline kernel.
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== KDE PulseAudio Integration ==
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KDE 4.4 features improved integration with PulseAudio, Fedora's default sound solution. KDE users benefit from the following new features in Fedora 13:
* Phonon detects PulseAudio and no longer shows non-PulseAudio devices when PulseAudio is running.
* PulseAudio includes a new <code>module-device-manager</code> which allows Phonon to manage PulseAudio devices.
* Using the above, Phonon allows setting device priorities for the devices reachable through PulseAudio.
* KMix now shows PulseAudio volumes, including per-application volumes, and allows moving applications between devices.
* The traditional ALSA backend for KMix is still available, use <code>export KMIX_PULSEAUDIO_DISABLE=1</code> to force its use even if PulseAudio is detected.
== SIP Witch Domain Telephony ==
Fedora 13 includes SIP Witch Domain Telephony, allowing users to create and deploy scalable secure VoIP solutions, both for managing a local SIP based telephone system, and for calling remote users over the Internet without the need for a service provider or central directory service. With SIP Witch and an SIP-compatible softphone such as Twinkle or Empathy, users can replace propriety VoIP solutions with secure, direct peer-to-peer communications using entirely free software. 
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Other updates:
* [;a=blob_plain;f=RELEASE;hb=726f903216561f1c15180f8fa8c88770abe38bd3 Pitivi 0.13.4]
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