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== coreutils ==
* `dd` has a new option, "status=progress" to periodically display transfer statistics.
    sudo dd of=/dev/null if=/dev/zero status=progress
    28185678848 bytes (28 GB) copied, 16.000002 s, 1.8 GB/s^C
    56045121+0 records in
    56045120+0 records out
    28695101440 bytes (29 GB) copied, 16.2878 s, 1.8 GB/s
* `numfmt` now works with fields in a way similar to `cut`, and allows output to be filtered with a "--format" option.
* `split` has gained a "--separator" option to define a record separator other than the default newline character.
* `sync` can now be passed arguments to specify syncing a specific file or path, or the `--file-system` to flush the entire filesystem associated with a given file.
* `tee` accepts a new "--output-error" option to control error handling behavior.
Refer to each utility's manpage for full usage details.
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