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== Server Tools ==
This section highlights changes and additions to the various GUI server and system configuration tools in Fedora {{Template:DocsDict/BeatsVer}}.
=== First Aid Kit ===
Firstaidkit is a fully automated recovery application that makes subsystem recovery easier for technical and non-technical users. Firstaidkit is designed to automatically fix problems while focusing on maintaining user data integrity. It is available in rescue mode, on the Fedora Live CD, and on running systems.
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=== Bacula 2.4.3 ===
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The Bacula multi-platform network backup and recovery system has been updated to 2.4.3.  Changes since the 2.2.x series can be viewed here:
No special steps or precautions need to be taken prior to or after upgrading, but please test and submit bugs as needed.
==== Resources ====
* Project site --

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