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Web Servers

PostgreSQL DBD Driver

Deprecated or out of date content?
This content may be deprecated or out of date, it has not been updated since the Fedora 9 release notes.

Users of the mod_dbd module should note that the apr-util DBD driver for PostgreSQL is now distributed as a separate dynamically-loaded module. The driver module is now included in the apr-util-pgsql package. A MySQL driver is now also available, in the apr-util-mysql package.


Drupal has been updated to 6.4. For details, refer to:

If your installation is updated to the 6.4 version in Fedora 9, skip the following step.

When upgrading from earlier versions, remember to log in to your site as the admin user, and disable any third-party modules before upgrading this package. After upgrading the package:

  1. Copy /etc/drupal/default/settings.php.rpmsave to /etc/drupal/default/settings.php, and repeat for any additional sites' settings.php files.
  2. Browse to http://host/drupal/update.php to run the upgrade script.

Also, several modules are now available. drupal-date, -cck, -views, and -service_links.