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= Domingo Becker =
Email: [[MailTo(domingobecker AT gmail DOT com)] 
Location: Santiago del Estero, Argentina
College degree: Software Engineer, Universidad Católica - Santiago del Estero - Argentina - 1996
Postgraduate studies: Financial Management, Universidad de Belgrano - Buenos Aires - Argentina - 2006
Language: English, Spanish
== Goals in the Fedora Project ==
* To have a linux distribution fully translated to spanish. A stable and an easy to install one.
* Use linux and open source software in my daily work.
* Port the software I developed to linux.
* Use linux everywhere I work.
== Historical qualifications ==
* Software development using mainly C++ for Win32 wxMSW-OWL-native, for linux with wxGTK.
* WAN and LAN administrator using linux and cisco.
* Since august 2006, spanish translator for the Fedora Project.
* Red Hat Linux user since Red Hat Linux version 3.1.
== Current occupations ==
I currently work for the ISSPSE (Instituto de Seguridad Social para Profesionales de Santiago del Estero,, isspse AT isspse DOT com DOT ar) since 1998. ISSPSE is an institution dedicated to manage retirement funds of almost all professionals in my province. The work I do here is software development, investment analysis (specially Argentina sovereign debt bonds) and actuarial studies (long term projections and scenarios simulations).
I also work for some small supermarkets, in software development, since 1998. I develop systems for billing, accounting, and everything a small business needs.
As I am a network administrator using linux from a long time ago, and I've been paid for that job, I give back to the open source community by translating the linux distribution I work with.
== Fingerprint ==
GPG: 0xf317c69f
[me@proglinux ~] $ gpg --fingerprint f317c69f
pub  1024D/F317C69F 2007-03-05
Huella de clave = 355A CD49 A9BA 2C84 22D2  918B 7000 0956 F317 C69F
uid                  Domingo Becker (Fedora Docs Project) <>
sub  2048g/7A0A5F04 2007-03-05
To import my key:
gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0xf317c69f

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