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The following elections will take place in January 2015:

All dates and times noted are UTC time.

Env and Stacks Elections January 2015

As per the responses to the mailing list request, the following finish their terms, and the seats are up for re-election:

More information at the Env and Stacks Env and Stacks wiki page and Governance Charter.

Eligible Voters
Voting eligibility is determined by a community member's Fedora Account System (FAS) memberships.

To vote for Environment and Stacks Working Group you must have cla_done + one other "non-cla" group in FAS.


Slavek Kabrda (bkabrda)


  • Mission Statement:
    • Ensure that Fedora is a developer friendly distribution well integrated with upstream tooling.
  • Past work summary:
    • I've been member of Env & Stacks WG since its inception.
    • I was Ruby and JRuby maintainer for more than a year.
    • I've been primary maintainer of Python 2 and 3 interpreter packages for more than year and a half. I also maintain a decent number of Python extension packages in Fedora.
    • I'm author of DevAssistant, a tool which is supposed to help developers with their everyday tasks. DevAssistant has been part of Fedora Workstation since Fedora 21.
  • Future plans:
    • Ensure that Fedora's developer tooling integrates well with upstream tools, instead of fighting them.
      • Continue driving the DevPI pilot, which is supposed to create a downstream Fedora mirror of Python Package Index. Try to apply the experience from this pilot to other languages.
      • Review the "rings" proposal for with other members of Env & Stacks WG and put it to work. Most importantly, we should promote Copr/Playground and define how non-RPM content of the outer rings (as mentioned in the DevPI plans) fits into Fedora future.
    • Make sure that DevAssistant continuously improves, making it an ultimate developer tool - and Fedora along with it.
    • Continue driving the migration of Fedora to Python 3 as a default - for benefit of Fedora and wider Python community.
    • Evolve Python packaging in Fedora to be more automated and thus simpler. The concepts and thoughts from the improvements should be appliable to packaging of other (dynamic) languages as well.

User1 (user_1)


  • Mission Statement:
  • Past work summary:
  • Future plans: