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just an idea currently


  • Warren has some ideas and brought the topic up in a FESCo meeting; he plans to work out a proposal


The "tradition path" to get more and more involed in Extras-land is to become sponsor by reviewing pacakges and just do some things for the organisation of Extras. We need to create other paths to gain higher ranks in the project.

Random notes from warren on IRC:

We've began to promote people to sponsorship status who didn't fill the past role of "active reviewer". Some were only very active packagers but didn't do much reviewing.

We also need to create a formal way to get people into the first rank (sponsored) without necessarily submitting packages, like if they are clearly qualified and want to maintain 17 orphans, and an existing sponsor is willing to accept responsibility for their education and fixing their mistakes.

We need to formalize multiple possible paths to gain ranks and write them down

Another example is one Fedora contributor and community leader in Japan. He wants to build a fedora contributing community in Japan, but they aren't able to effectively communicate in English. I want to eventually give him sponsorship status and he can be responsible for bringing in non-english contributors, educating and being accountable to their mistakes.