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Fedora 11's artwork process is going to work a little differently than our artwork process has worked in the past. Rather than having multiple theme concepts competing with one another and dividing artists' time and energies, we're going to try having one theme concept (inspired by the release codename) that everyone works together on. We're hoping to produce higher-quality artwork in a more timely manner this way.

The Timeline

Key Milestones

  • 20 Jan - Alpha freeze
  • 01 Feb - Visual concept for F11 decided
  • 03 Feb - Alpha release
  • 01 Mar - First draft wallpaper ready to package for Beta
  • 10 Mar - Beta freeze
  • 24 Mar - Beta release
  • 02 Apr - splashes / rest of artwork done for packaging for preview release
  • 14 Apr - final freeze
  • 28 Apr - Preview release
  • 26 May - final release GA

Detailed Task Breakdown

The Concept

We first need to works towards a solid visual concept for the F11 theme. We'll need to have this defined by Februrary 1, which gives only about 3 weeks so we need to move fast.

The Fedora 11 codename as announced 10 January 2008 is Leonidas. What is Leonidas?:

Since the Royal Navy ship definition of Leonidas is the one upon which the codename was based and is themeable, we should go with this one so we have a solid focus and move more quickly.

Nautical Theme

HMS Leonidas gives an idea for a nautical association/theme.

  • Nautical navigation instruments - which can be quite steampunky:
    • Barographs
    • Barometer
    • Brass telescope
    • Binoculars
    • Nautical Charts
    • Brass Nautical Clocks
    • Nautical compass
    • Sextant
    • Constellations / Sky Chart
    • Globe
  • Components of a Ship
    • Port Hole
    • Ship's wheel
    • Hemp rope
    • Sail
    • Communication Flags (hang off mast)
  • A Ship's characters
    • Captain
    • Pirates
    • Parrot
    • Navigator guy in the little platform towards the top of the mast
  • Trireme


Parts of a Ship


These maps are actually old enough to be public domain! There are many beautiful maps including nautical charts made available here: Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL Flickr Photo Stream


A nice cross of the nautical and Greek theme ideas.

Greek Theme

Inspired by Leonidas of Sparta (as seen in the movie 300 :) )

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