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Fedora 11 Beta: THEME

Just on the heels of the Fedora Project's fifth anniversary, the Beta of Fedora Linux version 10 (code-named Cambridge) is now available:

There is also a Beta contest! Test five things in the Beta that are important to you as a user. If you find a bug *and* report it, you get the free attention of a package maintainer on a problem personally important to you!

Do your part to make Fedora 10 that much better.

Among the new, fun, and interesting features:

     * New NetworkManager with connection sharing
     * Improved printer handling
     * Remote virtualization and easier virt storage
     * Sectool, an auditing and security testing framework
     * RPM 4.6, the first big RPM change in several years

... and more ...

     * New version of PackageKit for managing software, with more fixes
       and enhancements (which benefits all distributions)
     * New version of PulseAudio (which benefits all distributions)
     * Kernel 2.6.27, including better support for WiFi
     * Better support for the EFI for Apple Macintosh hardware
     * Faster graphical start-up by Plymouth, replacing the venerable
     * Better support for webcams through the hard work in kernel
       2.6.27 (which benefits all distributions)
     * New icon theme "Echo", to be completed with the theme graphic
       "Solar" in the Fedora 10 release
     * Gnome 2.24
     * KDE 4.1
     * Adding the NetBeans IDE
     * Eclipse 3.4
     * Automatic installation of multimedia codecs
     * Better HDTV support in
     * "Sugar" graphical environment (from OLPC) available for use,
       testing, and development

A more complete list and details of each new cited feature is available:

For release information, including common and known bugs, please see our release notes: