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This is a free form page to work on slogan ideas. Please add ideas to the table below. As we solidify the ideas and work towards the slogan, the page which change to reflect that.

Ground rules

  • The slogan should be short.
  • The slogan should be an active sentence, like a command. ("Make waves. Go higher. Fire it up.")
  • The slogan should reflect one or more of the thematic elements created by the Artwork team for this release. Check out the art here.
  • The slogan should be positive, and reflect the idea that Fedora helps the user achieve something great.


Slogan Submitter Notes or reasoning
"Move mountains." Paul W. Frields Mountains appear in the theme. To move mountains is to do something powerful and great. This slogan is here to provide an example, if nothing else.
"Freedom, come and take it." Pierros Papadeas "Come and take them" is a famous spartan saying, combined with one of the 4F. Also "Come and take it" should be considered as an viable alternative.
"Picture perfect." Ian Weller haha you think I have reason. ;) Mostly inspired just from the F11 artwork that's being worked on.
"Freedom AND Power" Ben Lambrechts not OR but AND
"Freedom Akademia" Ewan Luca Plato's Akademia was a place for informal meetings of free thinkers witch became, by the power of knowledge, a well known and respected institution. Now, an academy holds the pinnacle of achievement in the respective field(s). If the slogan need a verb could be "Grow with Freedom Akademia", "Succeed in Freedom Akademia", "Get endowed by ...", "Empower yourself in ..." - many of the attendants of Plato's Akademia went on to became politicians and leaders using skills and tools acquired there (rethorics, logic, etc)
"Come get some" moixs Ok, this is a reference to Duke Nukem 3D, could be from the movie 300 too. This could also mean come get some Fedora DVDs, this tasty software :)


Populate the keywords and themes that we want to work with below.


  • The four foundations
    • Features
    • Friends
    • Freedom
    • First


  • If the Greek temple stays in the background, note that it provides some thematic element:
    • Greece was the birthplace of democracy.
    • Philosophers, great thinkers
    • Platonic forms? Socratic dialogue? Euclidean geometry?
  • Landscape
    • Mountains
    • Wide open sky
    • Birds -- The birds may disappear, don't rely on them.