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Stop creating and publishing the 25 CDs that comprise the Fedora Desktop release.

Problem Space


The entire Fedora 11 release as sent to the mirrors is ~143GB. Of that, CD and DVD ISOs represent ~34GB; the split media CD ISOs represent ~15.5GB of that. As most of the rest of that 143GB is all hardlinked, we’re really only transferring out all these ISO files. 10% of the disk space, and 45% of the time/bandwidth needed to get a release out to the mirrors, for about 2% of the user base, and declining.

Few Users

BitTorrent downloaders of the split CD sets have been decreasing. F9: 6.32%. F10 4.58% F11 so far: 2.2%.


  • Release Engineering processes
  • Master Mirror
  • Torrent server
  • Documentation

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Matt Domsch