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For the 13th Release of Fedora, "Goddard," the Fedora Marketing team ran an open, community based process of slogan submissions, found at That process included guidelines for producing great slogans, and as a result of our call, we received a large number of slogan contributions, which are recorded at

After an exciting and enjoyable Marketing Team meeting, the release slogan for Fedora 13 "Goddard" has been chosen and approved: "Rock it!" The slogan has the following meanings:

  • "Rock it!" is a pun on the word "rocket." Rocket trails are part of the artistic theme for Fedora 13.
  • "Rock it!" invites users to proudly use and enjoy Fedora for all its many features and virtues. When someone "rocks" something, they use or display it proudly.

Incidentally, "Goddard" is named after the scientist Robert H. Goddard[1], who made significant contributions to the space age in the field of Rocket Engineering, including the first liquid propelled rocket.

It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.
-- Robert Goddard

We would like to thank all the contributors who have participated in this process.

Notes for translators

As explained at the release slogan SOP, for best effect, the slogan is decided on the basis of the Fedora Project's lingua franca. However, the Marketing team realizes that not all languages will be able to offer a direct translation of the slogan with the same effect. We provide the information above to help translators understand the connotations and other impact of the slogan.

We trust our translators and fellow Fedora Project members to use their best judgment to find a compatible slogan for their locale if the slogan is difficult to translate as is. Translators should try to ensure that their translations do not have negative connotations or connections in their language.

During translations please ensure the following:

  • Do not translate the word "rock" in the context of "earth," "stones," or "pebbles," or the throwing of rocks or stones.
  • If possible, you can relate your translation with "Goddard" and the Fedora 13 artistic themes of propulsion, ascent, and achievement.
  • The slogan you provide for your language should invite users to have an excellent experience with Fedora 13.

By meeting these guidelines, you can provide a positive message for Fedora 13 in your language without ambiguity or confusion.