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FAD Brisbane 2011 is actually an overflow event from LCA 2011 which happens 24-29 January. We're expecting a good number of APAC Fedora Ambassadors in town for LCA 2011 and it would be great to actually have them occupy a room together and hack on Fedora APAC stuff. The FAD would primarily focus on APAC affairs but is pretty much open to other items that may crop up.

When and Where

Date, Location and Time:

  • 30th of January in Brisbane, Australia (the edge)* at 12 Noon local time. We will be having lunch earlier tho.

Accomodation and Stay

Attendees probably will have need for accommodation. Will post details as they become available.


  • Purchase bottled water, if your not comfortable with drinking "recycled" water. (only applicable in Queensland)
  • Get a hotel near the state library of Queensland


This list is rough, and unfinished, it is expected to grow up-to 20+!

# FAS Name &
Full Name
Morning Breakfast/lunch LCA? Sponsorship Comment
1 Luke Martinez Yes Open Day Pending Pending Sponsorship
2 Heherson Pagcaliwagan Yes Yes Pending ""
3 Izhar Firdaus ? Yes Pending
4 add yourself Y/n Y/n Nope??? ???
5+Rh-icon.png RedHat Person ?? ?? Local make sure you put [[File:Rh-icon.png]] in front of the number!


  • Fedora APAC 2011 Planning
  • APACK Boxes
  • Swag production and shipping
  • Meeting Best Practice
  • Building up local contributors
  • Talks by ambassadors / Red Hat People


We will have window bays 5 + 6

Proposed Times

Time Event Organizer Location Length Info
1100 Lunch Nill Some Pie Place 1 hour
1200 arrive at Location - EDGE 5+6 30 min Set Up.
1230 APAC meeting - EDGE 5+6 1 hour will be conferencing for anyone who wants to join!
1330 30 minute - Talk about by - EDGE 5+6 30 minutes
1400 Cake & Break! EDGE 5+6 40 minutes fedora cake time!
1440 Talk about by - EDGE 5+6 20 min
1500 Talk about by - EDGE 5+6 20 min
1520 Lightning talk - by - EDGE 6+5 10 min
1530 Open Floor EDGE 6+5

dramsey suggests that partipant(s) contact them.

asmartgoat has already phoned them and will find out if space is avaliable on wednesday, please do not email them. :)

Funding Required

Fedora Cake = ~$30 = Mud cake with fedora logo in the shape of fedora logo.

Drinks + Snacks = $15 = Chips and Drinks

Funding Required

Fedora Cake = ~$30 Drinks + Snacks = $15


Pretty much still in planning stage.