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This is the main page for the 2014 Design Team FAD, which is a FAD focused on working on a roadmap for the Fedora Design Team over the next year or two.


  • Clean up the design team trac queue at
    • Close all tickets that are not necessary anymore
    • Make progress on tickets that are still necessary
    • Figure out a strategy for how to keep it clean in the future
  • Brainstorm a sustainable process for organizing, accepting, and assigning tickets on the design team trac queue at
    • How shall we do recurring badges?
    • Can we list beginner tasks on easyfix?
  • How to organize release design in future
    • jreznik wants to see tickets for the release tasks - who and how do this?
    • what do without codenames define a system for ourself or bringing a new codename system again
    • organize a starting meeting for each release to start on distribution design
  • Reorgainzation of design teams fp.o account
  • How to come to regularly meetings again, to keep track of all things
    • bi-weekly? tuesday, wednesday or thursday
    • set it up in fedocal
    • #meeting or #design?
  • Design team infrastructure discussion: status of art board, glitter gallery, nuancier, sparkleshare on fedorahosted, general asset management
  • Adapt the wiki pages for new decided things
    • cleanup all wiki pages
    • move category artwork -> design
  • Restarting of bounties
  • team members update
  • Rework Join process
    • enforce personal wiki pages? - show skills there

Travel & Accomodation

Boston Logan International Airport [1], +1-800-23-LOGAN (56426), (IATA: BOS) is the main gateway to Boston and New England.

Potential Attendees

Let's use this table to track who is interested in attending, whether or not they need travel, and what times they are available or not. Please note if you would like to attend/participate remotely as well. (just put 'remote' in the travel or local line). Deadline fort travel participants is September 15th 2014

Attendee Arrival Departure Estimated travel cost Funding request Notes
1. Máirín Duffy - - $0 Local
2. Sirko Kemter - - $800
3. Ryan Lerch - - $0 Local
4. Marie Nordin - - $300
5. Suchakra Sharma - - $400 (or $200 by bus, if booked in advance)
6. Emily Dirsh - - $0 Local
7. Kirk Bridger - - $0 Remote
8. Jaroslav Reznik - - $0 Remote
9. Luya Tshimbalanga - - $700
10. Sarup Banskota - - $1400
11. Onyeibo Oku - - $0 Remote
12. Alexander Smirnov - - $0 Remote
13. Samuel Iuri - - $700 Remote
14. Prima Yogi Loviniltra - - $1600
15. Paul W. Frields - - $0 (Separate budget)
16. Zachary Snyder - - $350
17. Chris Roberts - - $350

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees

Planning Prerequisites

See the How to organize a FAD list; you can keep your to-do list here.

  • Completed work item
  • Work out budget
  • Decide on Dates and Location
  • Arrange Facilities
  • List Resources
  • Be Somewhat Structured
  • Arrange Lodging
  • Arrange Refreshments
  • Arrange a Social Event


  1. Location: Red Hat's Westford Office at 314 Littleton Road, Westford Massachusetts USA
  2. Date: January 2015 sometime
  3. Schedule
    • Participants arrive at THIS_TIME_AND_DATE
    • Schedule item
    • Schedule item
    • Schedule item
    • Participants leave at THIS_TIME_AND_DATE
  4. Important skills (one or more)
    • pTBD
  5. Personnel (people who might fit the bill)
    • gnokii Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • mizmo (local) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • ryanlerch (local) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • Emichan (local) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • Name (location, role) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • others?
  6. Other considerations
    • Westford is not very walkable. We could save on car rentals by booking everyone at the same hotel and having folks go together. Maybe one or two minivans instead of multiple smaller rentals. Mizmo is local but has a small car with a carseat so it will be hard for her to help on the transportation front; Ryan is local but does not have a car. Transportation from airport could be taxi or bus. (need more research)
  7. Potential social events
    • ...
  8. Getting around
    • ...


Snacks/Beverages: Red Hat provides free snacks and beverages in the building kitchenettes.

Lunch: Red Hat has a large cafeteria, prices for lunch range $5-10 / person. There is a deli across the street, Metro Deli, where prices range from $7-15 / person.


Exception Chipotle, anticipating $16/head for dinner. Chipotle will probably be closer to $10/head. Options include:

  • India Palace, Chelmsford Nice atmosphere, reasonable prices, good for large groups, quiet in evenings (Good for talking)
  • Bamboo, Westford Asian fusion, good atmosphere, room for large groups
  • Burton's Grill, Westford American. Haven't been. [Emichan: I have, it's tasty, but fairly pricey, and veggie options are basically pasta or salad.]
  • Karma, Westford Asian fusion, room for large groups (can reserve private room too), great sushi
  • Chipotle, Westford Cheap Mexican food, good, fresh, fast. In the evening, probably won't be too busy.
  • 99 Restaurant, Westford Walkable from office, across the street and down the hill, but food not so great. Few veggie options.
  • Thai Jasmine, Chelmsford Excellent Thai food, reasonable prices


If you want funding from Red Hat, ask the Community Architecture (old page) -- (new page) team. If you can find other ways to fund your FAD, that's great too!