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This is the main page for the Fedora/RHEL/CentOS docs FAD, which is a FAD focused on collaboration on docs with other projects in the Fedora ecosystem.


  • Identify key documents that need to be produced each release cycle
    • Identify segments of users to serve and what their docs need are
    • Discuss how these documents can be assembled from reusable topics
  • Outline user stories/requirements for experience for
    • active or frequent Docs team contributors
    • newcomer/drive-by contributors
    • end users/readers
    • remixers/consumers of docs downstream
  • Agree on a strategy for tools that
    1. provide for maximum contribution (both to those tools and content), and
    2. are 100% open and transparent to provide the forkability required in Fedora
  • Produce a roadmap for tool production and deployment, as needed, that includes contribution from all stakeholders (note: this may be minimal if existing tools are available)
  • Set up an informal group to work on follow-ups
    • can reuse existing Docs team meeting time, or a more convenient time if needed
    • assign some regularly periodic progress report, as simple as article on comm-blog or elsewhere
  • If possible, use some meeting time for some form of hackfesting -- if not originating code, at least testing integration and determining bugs/issues or other change requests and setting up to track them over time


The completion of these goals will create the following positive change within the project:

  • The Fedora docs team will have better strategic direction for its docs, rather than writing whatever somebody happens to decide to write.
  • Fedora documentation will have more contributors from downstream projects by making reuse easier.

These outcomes connect with the following Fedora Community Objectives by creating documentation that can be reused for modular Fedora. Fedora's modularization efforts are in line with the direction of its downstream projects, and easing reuse for downstreams also makes Fedora's docs more reusable internally.

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees

  • TBD

Planning Prerequisites

See the How to organize a FAD list; you can keep your to-do list here.

  • Work out budget
  • Decide on Dates and Location (tentatively set)
  • Arrange Facilities
  • List Resources
  • Be Somewhat Structured
  • Arrange Lodging
  • Arrange Refreshments
  • Arrange a Social Event


  1. Location: Red Hat Tower, Raleigh, NC
  2. Date: May 6-8, 2016
  3. Schedule
    • Participants arrive by the evening of May 5.
    • May 6: all day meeting
    • May 7: all day meeting
    • May 8: all day meeting, possibly early adjourn for travel
    • Participants leave on the evening of May 8 or morning of May 9
  4. Personnel (people who might fit the bill)
    • Name (location, role) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • Pete Travis (location?, Fedora docs team lead) Confirmed? (Y)
    • Zach Oglesby (Baltimore MD, Fedora docs team member) Confirmed? Y
    • Jared Smith (Stafford VA, Fedora docs team member) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • Shaun McCance (Cincinnati, Red Hat community docs) Confirmed? Y
    • Stephen Gilson (Westford, Red Hat product docs) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • Paul Frields (Fredericksburg VA, Red Hat Fedora eng) Confirmed? Y
    • Ryan Lerch (Brisbane QLD Australia, Red Hat Fedora eng) Confirmed? Y
    • Silas Hensley (Brno, Red Hat product docs) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • Remy DeCausemaker (Raleigh, Red Hat OSAS/Fedora community lead) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • Jim Perrin (Houston Tx, CentOS Project) Confirmed? (Y)
    • Glen Rundblom (Champaign, IL, Fedora docs team member) -Cannot Travel in May but would like to contribute / be apart in some manner
    • Stephen Wadeley (Brno, Red Hat by day, Fedora docs team member by night) Unfortunately I will be traveling that weekend, holiday already booked.
    • others?
  5. Other considerations
    • Paul would drive to RDU and could give Jared a lift, and/or pick up someone at the airport. Paul must leave the afternoon of Saturday, May 7.
    • ...
    • Contributor V can offer a living room for evening social gatherings.
    • Contributor W has a car and is willing to do airport pick-ups.
    • Contributor X needs as much advance notice as possible.
    • Contributor Y has a schedule that is better on Fridays than on Tuesdays, and prefers weekend times after 4:28 AM.
    • Contributor Z is allergic to peanuts.


Snacks/Beverages: Details go here.

Lunch: Details go here.

Dinner: Details go here.


If you want funding from Red Hat, ask the OSAS team. If you can find other ways to fund your FAD, that's great too!

Contributor Dept Arrv Dept Arrv Cost
Shaun McCance Wed May 4 morning Wed May 4 noonish Mon May 9 afternoon Mon May 9 afternoon (funded directly by Red Hat)
Paul Frields by car, ~6am Fri May 6 ~10am Fri May 6 by car, ~4pm Sat May 7 ~8pm Sat May 7 F-Eng budget will handle transportation, 1 night lodging
Jared Smith (ditto w/ pfrields) (ditto) (ditto) (ditto) 1 night lodging, can share with pfrields
Pete Travis (by air, 5MAY PM) (by air, 5MAY PM) (by air, 7MAY PM) Travel from FAD, arrival ~$425, need lodging
Ryan Lerch Wed May 4 -- TBA Thu May 5 -- TBA Mon May 9 -- TBA Tue May 10 -- TBA $1200 airfare; 4 nights lodging
Zach Oglesby TBD - Jury Duty (Driving) TBD May 7 PM 6ish hours after I leave 3 nights lodging
Name Travel to FAD, departure Travel to FAD, arrival Travel from FAD, departure Travel from FAD, arrival Ticket cost
  1. Travel: $A for airfare, bus, train, etc. funding needed to get attendees to the FAD
    • Taxi fare for any attendees?
  2. Housing: $B for hotel, etc. needed to have attendees sleep during the FAD
    • Sheraton or Marriott -- Red Hat rates ($149 to $169/night usually)
  3. Space: $0
  4. Supplies: $D for anything else you may need
    • item
    • item
    • item

Total budget: $A+B+C+D