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Fedora Ambassador Day EMEA 2008

The goal of FAD EMEA 2008 is to establish Fedora's EMEA leadership team for 2009 and to plan the upcoming year's events and priorities.


State your preference:

October --

November -- Max, Gerold (mid-November), Red (mid/end-November), Unknown Person

December -- Red (early December)

Unknown --


Basel -- Red, GeroldKa

Amsterdam -- Francesco Crippa, Gianluca, Max (if I don't travel, more money to spend on other people)


  • TBD after we choose a location

Responsible Ambassadors


  1. SandroMathys
  2. GeroldKassube sorry, but depends on the location and my personal money situation
  3. FabianAffolter
  4. AntonArapov
  5. MaxSpevack
  6. JoergSimon
  7. Robert M. Albrecht
  8. GianlucaVarisco
  9. FrancescoCrippa
  10. FrancescoUgolini

Business Agenda

  • Status update for FOSDEM 2009.
  • Planning the Fedora EMEA priorities for March 2009 - February 2010, to coincide with Red Hat's budget year.
    • Two major events
      • FUDCon EMEA 2009
      • One other (maybe LinuxTag)
    • Various mid-level events
    • Make it easy for ambassadors to organize small events in their countries
  • What do we want to focus on in addition to events?
  • What do we need from Red Hat?
  • What are the biggest problems Fedora faces in EMEA?
  • How are our smaller communities doing?

Fun Agenda

  • Depending on the location.
    • If we are in Amsterdam, maybe a football game or the Heineken Brewery. --Max
    • Or for Basel: Augusta Raurica (old Roman city) or Feldschloesschen Brewery, which is inside a very nice castle --red


  • MaxSpevack has indicated that he can provide at least 500 EUR budget for this event. As we get closer, the number may go up. Budget will be used for travel subsidies, lodging subsidies, food, and some fun event.