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Fedora Ambassador Day EMEA 2009

Location and Date

  • Rheinfelden, Germany
  • Friday, September 25, 2009 (Arrival: Friday, 2009-09-25 & Departure: Sunday, 2009-09-27)

Accomodation and stay

  • Rheinfelden, Germany
  • Castle of Beuggen also have a look at googlemaps with some other POIs
  • we have there at the castle
    • 3 x double room with shower and toilet
    • 1 x triple room with shower on floor

Responsible Ambassadors


  1. Fabian Affolter
  2. Luca Foppiano
  3. Gerold Kassube
  4. Jens Kühnel
  5. JensMaucher
  6. Jeroen van Meeuwen
  7. Yaakov Nemoy
  8. Pierros Papadeas
  9. JoergSimon
  10. MaxSpevack
  11. your name in alphabetic order please

Agenda (Draft)

The stuff Max really wants to discuss:

  • Premier Fedora Events 2010
    • FUDCon EMEA
    • Big FAD @ Chemnitzer Linux Tage?
    • Something for Western Europe, something for Eastern Europe, something for Africa?
    • Egypt?
  • Event Boxes
  • How we handle swag
  • How we handle money

Everything else, that is also important:


  • will follow after the event (latest)

Meeting Minutes

  • will follow after the event

Some photos of the FAD event

  • will follow after the event (latest)


  • will follow within the event