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Fedora Activity Day EMEA 2012

Location and Date

  • Rheinfelden, Germany
  • Arrival: Friday, 2012-12-07 & Departure: Sunday, 2012-12-09)

Accomodation and stay

Responsible Ambassadors


  1. Gerold Kassube
  2. JoergSimon
  3. Jeroen van Meeuwen

Agenda (Draft)

  • Forecast Budget for EMEA 2013
  • Events in EMEA 2013
    • Events
    • Eventowner
    • Booth personal
    • HOWTO request Budget/Swag/anything else for events (in EMEA)
    • Eventbox (content, missing)
    • Swag production & shipping
  • Ambassador Program in EMEA
    • what's going on?
    • where are the young fellows?
    • where are the old leaders?
    • time to change? If yes, what?
    • what we want from Red Hat?
    • what we don't need from Red Hat?
    • what we miss from Red Hat
  • tbd, beside discussions & fun
  • Statement how we will move forward in 2013
  • "something special" as always as surprise which is not related to computers and where they are not allowed


  • Registration open till 2012-06-13

Some photos of the FAD event