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This is the main page for NAME_OF_EVENT, which is a FAD focused on TOPIC_OF_HACKATHON.


  1. Our purpose is to build Fedora Warao l10n/i18n team with the following primary goals:
    • Add Warao to glibc (wba)
    • Train translators
    • Train members of the Warao in the use of free software fedora through in order to keep the language alive. Empowering the 3390 decree.
    • Setup infrastructure for new language wba including resources such as mailing lists, etc.
  2. In addition, we will attempt to complete the following secondary goals as time allows:
    • Train on packaging to complement
    • Train on Fedora Documentation Project
    • Train on developing apps with l10n/i18n support.

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees

Planning Prerequisites

See the How to organize a FAD list; you can keep your to-do list here.

  • Completed work item
  • Work out budget
  • Decide on Dates and Location
  • Arrange Facilities
  • List Resources
  • Be Somewhat Structured
  • Arrange Lodging
  • Arrange Refreshments
  • Arrange a Social Event
  • Another action item
  • Another action item
  • Another action item


  1. Location: UNEFA-Delta Amacuro, Tucupita, Delta Amacuro State, Venezuela.
  2. Dates: : March 29th-30th 2013
  3. Schedule
    1. Day 1, March 29th, 9am to 5pm
      • Introduction, welcome.
      • Warao in glibc, the starting point, a new language in Linux.
      • Building wba team in i18n/l10n.
      • Fedora infrastructure and resources build up.
      • Introduction to software translation
      • Transifex and Fedora
    2. Day 2, March 30th, 9am to 5pm
      • git introduction.
      • Packaging workshop.
      • ¿Anaconda in Warao?
      • Deciding major pieces of software to start translating
      • Publican and Fedora Documentation Project, creating Fedora Documentation in Warao.
  4. Personnel
    • Guillermo Gómez (Caracas/Venezuela, trainner) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • Eduardo Echeverría (Valencia/Venezuela, trainner) Confirmed? (Y/N)
    • Carlos Marcano (??/??, local organizer) Confirmed? (Y/N)



  • Gomix, Caracas/Maturín 690 Bs.
  • Echevemaster, Valencia/Maturín 930 Bs.
  • Total = 1.620 Bs. ~ 258 US$

Tickets available online in

Bus tickets

  • Gomix, Maturín/Tucupita 240 Bs.
  • Echevemaster, Maturín/Tucupita 240 Bs.
  • Total = 480 Bs ~ 76 US$


  • 270 Bs/night, single room. 3 nights = 810 Bs. per person.
  • 3 attendants = 2.430 Bs. ~ 386 US$


  • Every attendee will take care of this.

Snacks/Beverages as Lunch/refreshment/hydration:

  • d1 : 3 snacks/sandwichs/beverage
  • d2 : 3 snacks/sandwichs/beverage
  • d3 : 3 snacks/sandwichs/beverage


  • d0 : 3 dinners
  • d1 : 3 dinners
  • d2 : 3 dinners << social event pending to define with the whole crew of Fedora Warao


If you want funding from Red Hat, ask the Community Architecture team. If you can find other ways to fund your FAD, that's great too!

Contributor Dept Arrv Dept Arrv Cost
Guillermo Gómez Travel to FAD, Feb.20th Travel to FAD, Feb.20th Travel from FAD, Feb.23rd Travel from FAD, Feb.23rd Ticket cost
Eduardo Echeverría Travel to FAD, Feb.20th Travel to FAD, Feb.20th Travel from FAD, Feb.23rd Travel from FAD, Feb.23rd Ticket cost
Carlos Marcano Travel to FAD, departure Travel to FAD, arrival Travel from FAD, departure Travel from FAD, arrival Ticket cost
  1. Travel: $A for airfare, bus, train, etc. funding needed to get attendees to the FAD

A:there is only one path is by bus, stopping roundtrip caracas / Maturin, Maturin / tucupita it is $ 41, 620Bsf.

  1. Housing: $B for hotel, etc. needed to have attendees sleep during the FAD

B: The Travel Inn hotel Mangroves, double bed with bathroom, and air conditioning, tv. at $ 20 a night, 290Bsf.

  1. Space: $C for renting space to hack in, if applicable
    • address and travel details for the space
  2. Supplies: $D for anything else you may need
  3. Food: Food: Breakfast and lunch at $ 20 the day
    • item
    • item
    • item

Total budget: $A+B+C+D