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Fedora Events: FAD Niederrhein 2010 - Mönchengladbach, Germany

When and Where


Please list your Name here if you need accomodation - I'll try to get this sorted ASAP. (slankes).


(If you cannot edit this wiki (because you haven't signed the Fedora CLA) send an email to slankes AT fedoraproject DOT org if you plan to attend the FAD) - thanks)


Owner Topic Attendees Done
Dominic Hopf Introduction into Geany All Attendees plus some visitors Checkmark.png
ChristophWickert Introduction into RPM building - Sunday 2 pm some folks from the LUG Möchengladbach, Marcus Schulderinsky Note.png


Owner Topic Attendees Done
ChristophWickert LXDE-XO: Create a special settings package for LXDE on the XO. Marcus Schulderinsky Note.png
Enrico Tröger Geany Foo Dominic Hopf Note.png
Dominic Hopf Geany Plugins: improving GeanyGDB Enrico Tröger Note.png
Enrico Tröger and ChristophWickert Using geany for RPM package maintainance: Getting RPM syntax into geany Dominic Hopf Note.png
ChristophWickert and Dominic Hopf Geany Nightly builds: Create build scripts for building nightly Geany packages and provide them at Enrico Tröger Note.png
Till Maas GPG keysigning Julian Aloofi, Dominic Hopf Note.png
Till Maas Revive the Package status reporting scripts and cleanup packages. Dominic Hopf Note.png
Julian Aloofi Create your own Fedora Remix Dominic Hopf Note.png
Sven Lankes Get zoneadmin tarball ready for inclusion in fedora and package it Note.png
Your Name Your Workshop Please add yourself if you like to attend Note.png


We can expect from the organizer:

  • Space
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Wired&Wireless Internet access and electricity
  • Video beamer
  • Soft-drinks


The venue will open Saturday and Sunday at 10.


  • after the event


  • after the event