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|  [[User:rtnpro|Ratnadeep Debnath]]  ||  ||  ||  
|  [[User:rtnpro|Ratnadeep Debnath]]  ||  ||  ||  
|  [[User:kishan|Kishan Goyal]] || || ||  
|  [[User:kishan|Kishan Goyal]] || 28th May 2010 || 31st May 2010 || [[User:yevlempy|Harsh Verma]]
|  [[User:meejan|Meejanur Rahaman]]  ||28th May 2010  || 31st May 2010 ||[[User:rtnpro|Ratnadeep Debnath]]  
|  [[User:meejan|Meejanur Rahaman]]  ||28th May 2010  || 31st May 2010 ||[[User:rtnpro|Ratnadeep Debnath]]  

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If you are planning to attend this event from outside of Pune, add your name and agenda within April 8th 2010. We will not sponsor you beyond that date.

Fedora Events: FAD Pune 2010 - Pune, India

Event Owner

When and Where

Proposed date:

  • 29 and 30th of May in Red Hat Pune Office.

Address is at


Travel and accommodation are sponsored by Red HatCommunity Architecture team to enable Fedora contributors in India to participate in a face to face event and get specific work done. If you don't have a specific agenda and contribution to make, you are free to attend to event but will not be sponsored. Our budgets are limited and we would like to use them efficiently. The following is a list of contributors we are sponsoring for this event

Name Amount Comments
Hiemanshu 4400 INR
Ankur Sinha 9500 INR
Susmit 7500 INR
Sayamindu 7500 INR
Rangeen 2100 INR
Harsh Verma 9000 INR
Ratnadeep 9000 INR
Kishan Goyal 9000 INR
Meejan 9000 INR


Please list your details here if you need accommodation. You will be provided either a service apartment or hotel room shared with other contributors. Decide among yourselves who you are going to be sharing the room with.

Name Date of Arrival Date of Departure Preferred Roommate
Ankur Sinha not yet known not yet known Hiemanshu Sharma
Hiemanshu Sharma 28th May 2010(TBC) 31st May 2010(TBC) Ankur Sinha
Harsh Verma 28th May 2010 31st May 2010 Kishan Goyal
Ratnadeep Debnath
Kishan Goyal 28th May 2010 31st May 2010 Harsh Verma
Meejanur Rahaman 28th May 2010 31st May 2010 Ratnadeep Debnath
Mohammed Imran 28th May 2010 31st May 2010 Hiemanshu Sharma

TBC = To Be Confirmed


If you are traveling to Pune, from other cities as a listed participant, provide a estimate of the travel cost via and confirm that you will be sponsored. You will have to book your own tickets and will be refunded at the end of the event. Do book economical tickets.


We will provide lunch for all the contributors attending the event for two days. No beverages or parties!



Owner Topic Attendees Comments
RahulSundaram Package Reviews We have a long package review queue and I would like to help shorten it. I will help out anyone else willing to participate.
Ankur Sinha fedora-tour Get some work done on the tour. Will have an exact agenda as we get nearer to the FAD
Rakesh Pandit Package Reviews I will also help Rahul in Package Reviews
Hiemanshu Sharma Websites + fedora-tour + Packaging What needs to be improved, what needs to be changed?
Rangeen Basu Packaging + fedora tour I would like to help out with some packaging stuff and also with the Fedora Tour. Also something about media distribution (No concrete plan yet).
Harsh Verma Packaging + FedoraMedical + Translations I would like to start with packaging.Will try and help out Fedora Medical(packaging).Would also go with the translation stuff.
Kishan Goyal Packaing + fedora tour + gFotoStat and other apps I would try to help out with fedora tour. Also would like to get into packaging stuff, which would also help me to package gFotoStat.
Jitesh Shah Fedora-ARM Haven't decided on an Agenda yet. Will update this as we near FAD.
Kushal Das lekhonee + others apps Will work on lekhonee and couple of other apps
Shreyank Gupta Dorrie Will hack and showcase progress on Dorrie
Ratnadeep Debnath Packaging I would like to start packaging for Fedora. I would also like to do some translation
Sayamindu Dasgupta Bookserver + Life as Fedora downstream - OLPC (tentative) Work on a bookserver which serves EPUB files and lets schools, colleges, etc build a repository of ebooks. I also plan to give an account of my experiences as a member of an engineering team which uses Fedora as its upstream project.
Siddhesh Poyarekar Autotools A hands-on session on autotoolizing projects.
Meejanur Rahaman Translation + Packaging + other apps I will try to help out with translation(BN_IN) and also package some stuff. Adding a bunch of new features and improving gFotoStat is also what I'm looking forward to.
Mohammed Imran Packaging + Package Reviews I would like to help out with package reviews and packaging,i am also looking forward to work on fedora security spin
Kedar Sovani Fedora-ARM Address package build failures on ARM