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This is the main page for FAD Release Tools and Infrastructure 2015. This hackathon is intended to take release tools and process to the next level in Fedora for F23/F24 and beyond.

  • Modularize the compose process
  • Replace serial bash script with easier to hack and maintain Python tools
  • Establish dependency management of compose deliverables
  • Cut time to provide updates to users for critical security fixes


Technical goals TBD
There are Deliverables listed below that should be prioritized and collated with this list.
  1. Our purpose is to complete the following primary goals:
    • Create repositories and workflow for code collaboration including patch review
      • Where will the code be stored? Where will patches and commit messages go?
      • Who can approve patches? How does one get commit access? (Note: This should be as many responsible/trusted committers as possible, in accordance with good community practice)
    • Complete any remaining architecture/design details for new release tools
      • As much of this should be worked out on mailing list and IRC before the FAD as possible
      • If additional VMs are needed, complete RFRs for infrastructure
    • Hack (possibly fedmsg-based) framework for product compose
    • (stand up VMs and/or ansible playbooks for required systems?)
    • ...
  2. In addition, we will attempt to complete the following secondary goals as time allows:

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees


This list needs to be prioritized by the principals involved.
Current Gen Tooling Deliverable Task Owner Done
Figure out what stage koji needs to be and then get it setup/deployed, ansiblized. (To enable dev/test of rel-eng tooling)
working pungi 4
integrated ability to make atomic installer and pxe to live in pungi
mash ported to createrepo_c
rawhide looking like a TC/RC
bodhi2 able to trigger atomic installer and pxe to live as part of the update push process.
livemedia-creator koji integration
koji able to manage the url line in kickstarts so that we can do real builds
run-root plugin configured
Secondary arches working exactly teh same as primary
port pungi to dnf
make headway and plan to port to python 3
have koji be able to specify the backend for installing packages into chroots on a per target basis. we will need to use yum/yum-deprecated for most but we will want to use dnf for rawhide and new releases. yum-deprecated will be needed when we move builders to f22
Next Gen Tooling Deliverable Task Owner Done
define what composedb should be
koji 2.0 Draft document (Discussion has begun here. Deliverable would be a well documented plan that can begin to be executed upon.
koji 2.0 prototype
koji content generators and the metadata format (How does this fit into koji 1.x, how can it fit into koji 2.x, roadmap/development work on getting it into koji 1.x)

Attendees and Travel Details

Contributor Arrival Departure Roommate
Dennis Gilmore Sun 2015-05-31, AA #1299, 12:02 Mon 2015-06-08, AA #40, 19:30 Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson Sun 2015-05-31, VS #011, 15:25 Mon, 2015-06-08, VS #012, 21:50 Dennis Gilmore
Ralph Bean n/a
Remy DeCausemaker Wed 2015-06-03, US #3916, 16:55 Tues, 2015-06-09, US #3807, 17:20 TBD
Luke Macken Wed 2015-06-03, JB #494, 18:47 Tue 2015-06-09, JB #993, 19:40 Adam Miller
Mike McLean Sun 2015-05-31, JB #984, 18:45 Mon 2015-06-08, JB #1583, 18:00
Adam Miller Wed 2015-06-03, US #1389, 18:17 Mon 2015-06-08, AA #1288, 12:54 Luke Macken
Will Woods Thu 2015-06-04, DL #3504, 11:10 Mon 2015-06-08, DL #3765, 19:30 Ian McLeod
Colin Walters n/a n/a n/a
Ian McLeod Thu 2015-06-04, AA #1240, 10:24 Mon 2015-06-08, AA #40, 19:30 Will Woods
Jon Disnard Sun 2015-05-31, AA #1429, 16:39 Mon 2015-06-08, AA #1178, 16:16 TBD
Luboš Kočman Sun 2015-05-31, AA #6227, 18:55 Mon 2015-06-08, AA #6163, 19:10 Daniel Mach
Brian Stinson Thu 2015-06-04, US #1299, 12:05 Mon 2015-06-08, US #197, 17:35
Remote attendees
Dan Horak (TBD)


  1. Location: Red Hat, Westford, MA USA
  2. Date: Jun-04 to Jun-08
    • Jun-04 -- Fedora Hubs workshop (for Fedora team members) -- in Mount Greylock CR (3rd floor)
    • Jun-05 to Jun-07 -- FAD (for all) -- in Waterford Valley CR (1st floor)
    • Jun-08 -- departure date
  3. Schedule
    • Fedora Engineering team domestic participants arrive Wed before (for Thu Hubs session)
    • Non-Fedora Engineering team domestic participants arrive Thu before
    • Fri -- Work day
    • Sat -- Work day
    • Sun -- Work day
    • Participants leave Mon (or Sunday night if required)


Snacks/Beverages: Can be snarfed from Westford office


  • Covered at hotel


  • Days other than Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun to be covered by attendees.
  • Thu: Order in, cost covered (est. $125)
  • Fri: Order in, cost covered (est. $125)
  • Sat: Order in, cost covered (est. $125)
  • Sun: Order in, cost covered (est. $125)


  • Days other than Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun to be covered by attendees
  • Thu: ad-hoc
  • Fri: Team @ local venue (est. $300)
  • Sat: Team @ local venue (est. $300)
  • Sun: Team @ local venue (est. $300)

Total food: est. $1400

Travel estimates

Contributor Taxi/transport (to/from home) Airfare Taxi/transport (to/from site) Parking Other
Dennis Gilmore - - - - covered by RCM
Peter Robinson - - - - covered by RCM
Ralph Bean $100 (gas) $ 50 (parking from F-Eng budget)
Daniel Mach - - - - covered by RCM
Luke Macken $390 $ 50 (parking from F-Eng budget)
Mike McLean - - - - covered by RCM
Adam Miller $225 $ 50 (parking from F-Eng budget)
Will Woods $210 $ 50 (parking from Anaconda or F-Eng budget)
Ian McLeod $250 $ 50
Jon Disnard - - - - covered by RCM
  1. Travel: $500 rental minivan + $1175 above = $1675
  2. Housing: $1185
    • Hampton Inn Westford/Chelmsford, <> -- $117/night
      • for FAD budget: 1 room 4 nights, 1 room 5 nights = 9 nights + tax = ~$1185
    • Ralph Bean: $65 * 5 nights = $325
  3. Space:
    • $0 if Supplied by Red Hat
  4. Supplies:
    • N/A
  5. Food: $1400 (from above)

Total budget: $4,585