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This page pertains to the most general FAQs about IRC.

What is IRC ?

IRC, abbreviated for Internet Relay Chat, provides a platform for open chatting & is chiefly designed for group communication . It consists of networks which themselves contains channels which refers to the place for group discussion relevant to the topics for the discussion.

Why should I join IRC ?

IRC allows you to have real time chat with individuals proficient in various fields around the globe & helps you in discussion of your problem .

What are the ways to join IRC ?

There are various ways to join IRC--

1. Installing IRC application 2. Using your web browser

1. You can install various programs available both for Linux as well as windows.

Here are some of the them --

You can install the application in the manner applicable to your Operating System

2. You can browse through the following websites to connect to IRC--

You can also install firefox addon Chatzilla.

I am a newbie and I'd like to have list of networks & channels ?

You can get the exhaustive listing of networks & channels here.

There are over 7000 networks present with over 800,000 users

What is Freenode ?

Freenode is a network which provides group discussion facilities for Free and Open Source Software communities. There are about 10,000 channels & 150,000 users present anytime.

You can get listing of channels in Freenode here.