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FAMSCo Q2 Budget

Event Budget Status
Fedora 9 Release Party Paris $0 Money was sent in Q1.
Lindependence $500 Money has been sent.
Fedora Day Italy $100 Money has been sent.
Fedora 9 Release Party Belgium $150 Money has been sent.
OLS $500 Sent $500 worth of swag, and also sent 400 media.
LTSP hackfest $200 Money has been sent.
South America support $2,000 Money has been sent.
LUG Radio Live UK $570 Event is over.
GUADEC $1,275 Fedora agreed to sponsor custom Live CDs at the event.
Akademy $500 Rex Dieter is giving a presentation on Fedora 9.
OSCON $2,000 Sent $500 worth of swag, and additional swag in Q1.
LinuxWorld SF $1,000 Uses leftover OSCON swag and media.
Utah Open Source $1,300 Travel for PaulWFrields ($520) and swag.
Fedora Infinity Day $250 $0 spent so far.
Fedora EMEA e.V. contribution $4,000 $670 spent on F9 Media, $3,330 remainder for RMLL, FrOSCon, and extra money for FUDCon Brno, FAD, and swag in the future.
TOTAL $14,345

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