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FOSDEM 2009 Booth Attendance

In order to assure there are always enough people at the Fedora Booth on FOSDEM 2009, we schedule the time into different slots. Every slot is two hours (except the last one on Saturday), this is 5 slots a day, ten altogether. For every slot there should be at least 3 people at the booth. We have a lot of Fedora people at FOSDEM this year, so this should not be too hard.

On the other hand we can not have too many people there, e.g. standing in front of the booth, because FOSDEM tends to be very crowded, as you can see here.

Please fill in when you are definitely at the booth. If everybody takes (at least) one slot, we should be able to always have enough people at the booth.

Booth Setup Saturday, 2009-02-07 (8:00-9:00)

  • (2+ volunteers)
  • Name 1:
  • Name 2:

Booth Cleanup Saturday, 2009-02-08 (18:00-19:00)

  • (2+ volunteers)
  • Name 1:
  • Name 2:
Make sure you don't miss your favorite talk in the Fedora Dev room or elsewhere by taking a look at the schedule.

Saturday, 2009-02-07

Name 09-11 11-13 13-15 15-17 17-19
ChristophWickert X
GeroldKassube X
add your name here
Total 2

Sunday, 2009-02-08

Name 09-11 11-13 13-15 15-17 17-18
add your name here