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Fedora Events: FOSDEM 2013 in Brussels, Belgium


FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. FOSDEM 2012 will be held on February 2 and 3.

FOSDEM 2013 Agenda


Fedora Project Attendees & Booth Personal

We should have 9-10 ambassadors in order to have always at least three ambassadors on the booth.

  • Put an X in the S column if you need funding of your travel to attend.
  • If you're willing to staff the Fedora booth, please put "booth staff" in the Comments column. Otherwise put "attendee" there.
# Name Friday Saturday Sunday Comments Languages S
1 Jiri Eischmann Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Event owner*/booth staff EN, CZ
2 [[User:jsmith | Jared Smith Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Slave labor/booth staff EN, ES
# Name Friday Saturday Sunday Comments Languages S
  • *Event owner until someone more suitable or located closer to Brussels appears.

Location & Schedule

FOSDEM - Feb 2nd & 3rd 2013 - more details to be revealed.

Attendance and Parking is free

ULB Campus Solbosh
Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 50
1050 Bruxelles

Location ULB

ULB campus

The event is easily reachable by public transportation. For details, see below. If you are afraid of getting lost, the following links might help you:

More information

Mailinglist: fosdem at We will inform you when news about FOSDEM is available.