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Fedora Events: FOSSASIA 2014 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia


FOSSASIA is a free event that offers students, developers and start ups a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate. It is a premier place for Open Source communities in Asia to get together with International developers and an opportunity to experience Open Source technologies.

Previous events attracted up to 1400 participants and speakers from 20 countries. Apart from Open Source Software FOSSASIA 2014 will feature a number of Open Hardware projects. In the FOSSASIA business lounge participants can learn about start up ideas and practices and connect with International companies and outsourcing partners.

The Fedora community has participated at FOSSASIA events in Vietnam in previous years and introduced our distribution to many people. The Fedora release party during the event attracted more than 350 students.

Date & Location

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 28th February to 2nd of March 2014
  • Norton University, Phnom Phen, Cambodia [1]



  • We will have a track at the event for Fedora related topics. The length of the track depends on how many talks/workshops we want to do.
  • There will be a hack room available dedicated to Fedora
  • We can set up some tables in the entrance area and help attendees installing Fedora


Hands on labs/Workshops


A wide range of accommodation in different categories is available in Phnom Penh.

We would like to book 4 nights from Feb. 27 - March 3 and for oversea participants from Europe 5 nights from Feb.26. To get an idea of the standards in the city and what we will get for that price have a look at a booking site. We calculate 25 USD per person per night.

Please add your name into the wiki.

Name Room share Booked Comment
Truong Anh Tuan Ready to share Not yet Share room with other Fedorians
Sirko Kemter of course, if it is possible Not yet
Nguyen Nang Thang Ready to share Not yet Share room with other Fedorians
Mario Behling Ready to share Not yet
Hon Nguyen Ready to share Not yet
Your name Willing to share a room? If so, with whom? Want to book your own accommodation, yes or no? Want to say something else? Do it here.

Social Event

We are planning a social event at SmallWorld Cambodia.

Spread the Word

Please support the Fedora Activity Days at FOSSASIA. Spread the news and post it to mailing list and friends!

Call for Speakers

FOSSASIA 2014 ( is looking for talks and workshops in the area of Open Source Software, Hardware, Open Maps, Fonts, Geo-data, and Open technology solutions to improve living conditions for people in emerging countries. The event will feature a Fedora Linux track. Please join us at FOSSASIA 2014 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from February 28 - March 2!

The presentation sessions at FOSSASIA will be scheduled a) for 30 minutes and b) for one hour blocks of time. Hands on labs/Workshops can be held in dedicated classrooms. At the entrance we offer an exhibition area for your community projects with space for tables, posters and stands. The deadline for submission is 15 January 2014. Please submit your talk or workshop now at our website at: Please add your name and talk to the Fedora Wiki at if you are planning to attend. See you in Phnom Penh!


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Request for Funding

Type Expense description Unit Est. Cost / unit # of units Est. Total Cost Comments
Venue Sound System for Presentations day $170 2 $340 very important!
Projectors day $15 2 $30 one projector for two days
Catering Water, snacks for volunteers and speakers pax $4 20 $80 volunteers, speakers of Fedora meet up
Transport Transport of supplies day $20 1 $20 To bring supplies to event location
Marketing T-shirts for volunteers & speakers pax $5 30 $150 volunteers, supporters, speakers of Fedora meet up
Marketing Small Banners (e.g. 1x1m) unit $50 1 $50 Banner with info about Fedora and Event information
Marketing Printing schedules/leaflets unit $80 1 $80 Some copies, info to be distributed
Other Social event for speakers and volunteers pax $5 20 $100 volunteers, speakers of Fedora meet up
Other Office (e.g. pens, cables) unit $50 1 $50 Cables, adaptors, plugs for PCs
Total $900

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