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Poker Interest List for FUDCon Blacksburg

Put your name on this here list if you're interested in playing poker in Blacksburg.

Please note that this is non-money poker, we will only be playing for ego due to laws and that kind of business. Unless we can find a really large hotel room to play in.

When Will We Play?

Your trusty Poker Schedule Master (robyn) is thinking Friday night or Saturday night, post FUDPub. We'll do a couple of hours, tourney-style, unless people have other suggestions. Texas Hold'em will be the name of the game. Once I see a reasonable list of people here I'll pick whatever night looks better / more popular and note the time/place on the main FUDCon wiki page, figure out how many chips to get, etc.

Your Name Here

Name Friday Night (post dinner-time) Saturday Night (post-FUDPub) Comments
Robyn Bergeron X X
Ian Weller X X Prefer post-FUDPub because then I will have the soberity advantage for the last year
Your name here! X X