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About Córdoba


Strategically located in the center of Argentina, Córdoba province, with its important potential tourism, offers everything and more for the events organization, conferences, fairs and incentives. It's a territory that has many host cities that provide various services, exceptional scenic beauty and an important historical - cultural heritage. The favorable climate that offers all the year, coupled with its international airport routes access, telecommunications, large hotel infrastructure and venues, cuisine first level, casinos and shopping are just some of the factors that position Córdoba as highly competitive venue for the successful implementation of international events.

Information about the province

  • Area: 165.321 km²
  • Capital province: Córdoba
  • Population: 3.066.801
  • Distance from Buenos Aires capital: 700 km.
  • Weather: mediterranean, mild y subtropical with dry season.
  • Average annual temperature: 18 - 21°C
  • Average annual precipitation: 500 - 800 (mm)
  • Meters above sea level: 352 - 544
  • Calling code: International: 54 351. From Argentina: 0351.

About FUDcon Cordoba


September 10th to September 12th, 2015.

The month of September is characterized by gradually rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs ranging from 21°C to 23°C over the course of the month, exceeding 30°C or dropping below 14°C only one day in ten. Daily low temperatures range from 8°C to 10°C, falling below 3°C or exceeding 15°C only one day in ten.

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - Facultad FaMAF

The National University of Córdoba (Spanish: Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, UNC), founded in 1613, is the oldest university in Argentina, the fourth oldest in South America and the sixth oldest in Latin America. It is located in Córdoba, the capital of Córdoba Province. Since the early 20th century it has been the second largest university in the country in terms of the number of students, faculty, and academic programs.

FUDcon Cordoba 2015 will be held at the School of Mathematics, Astronomy, and Physics; This School was founded in November 15, 1956 by Dr. Enrique Gaviola. The FaMAF is one of the 13 Schools of the National University of Córdoba.


Organizing Team



Getting to FUDcon Cordoba

International Airport

Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Cordoba "Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella") (IATA: COR, ICAO: SACO), more commonly known as Pajas Blancas, is located 9 km (5.6 mi) north-northwest[2] away from the center of Córdoba, the capital city of the Córdoba Province. The airport covers an area of 1,020 ha (2,520 acres) and is operated by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A.


Transport from and to the airport

It is easily accessible using public or private transport, however, we will have a local service helping transport the attendees from the airport to the hotel. Please provide your arrival time ASAP so we can coordinate the trips; car can hold up to 4 passengers at each time. If you rather to hire a cab or use public transportation, please, let us know.


Considered as major airports, which are located in the capital cities of each country

City Airline Price Connections number
Buenos Aires Chevallier USD 140 direct
Curitiba TAM USD 249 1 connection
Rio de Janeiro Aerolineas Argentinas USD 450 direct
San Pablo Aerolineas Argentinas USD 350 direct
Porto Alegre Aerolineas Argentinas USD 295 direct
Miami Lan USD 1260 1 connection
Atlanta Copa
USD 1540
USD 1432
2 connections
2 connections
Houston United Airlines
USD 1492
USD 1541
1 connections
2 connections
Guatemala Avianca
USD 1737
USD 2817
2 connections
2 connections
San José de Costa Rica Avianca
USD 1776
USD 1382
1 connection
2 connections
Panamá Avianca USD 947 2 connections
Quito Lan USD 628 2 connection
Santiago de Chile LAN USD 247 direct
Lima Argentina airlines USD 460 1 connection
Montevideo Argentina airlines USD 295 1 connection
Asunción Argentina airlines USD 570 1 connection
Bogotá Lan USD 963 1 connection
Caracas Argentina airlines USD 2265 2 connections
La Paz LAN USD 890 2 connections
São Paulo Lan USD 339 1 connection
Managua Copa USD 1196 2 connections

Recommended Hotels

We have considered two options for receiving ambassadors: the first is a four star hotel located at the city center (King David hotel), often chosen for conferences and events of this nature, the second corresponds to a Hostel also located at central area booking all seats for the occasion. In giving the latter a difference in significant costs, our idea is to call as many members of our Fedora FUDCon.

Star Rating Hotel Name Reference Price Condition
* four starts King David flat Hotel 145 USD per triple room internet, private room (breakfast not included)
* two starts Babilonia Hostel 25 USD per person internet, shared bathroom (breakfast not included, we have free access to the kitchen area.

Breakfast costs 5 USD S per person,we can arrange to bring us.


Please add your name to the list if you will attend. Also, please indicate the following:
  • Put an X in the $$$ column if you need funding to attend, and visit the FUDCon ticket tracker to make a funding request. We have a limited budget and will work hard to fund as many people as possible. We'll use these answers to help figure out budgeting for the event. We are making arrangements for attendees from other geographic regions to encourage specific initiatives such as future FUDCon events, but preference may otherwise be given to people in North America.
  • Put a V in the Veg column if you would like vegetarian fare for any meals that we provide during the event. If you prefer vegan fare, please mark that column VV. We will do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated! Note: "Hell No" and similar statements are offensive to some and should not be included in this column.
  • Put your T-shirt size in the Size column, so we can have an idea about what sizes to have available. Only Unisex (Mens Sizes will be ordered)
  • Roomsharing:
    1. If you want or need to share a room, mark yes in the "Roomshare?" column.
    2. Once you have a roommate, both of you should mark your roommate's name in the block as well.
    3. If you need a roommate, look for someone with just a yes in the column, and contact them via email. If you encounter any problems, let the organizers know.
Use the Comments section for anything else you think organizers need to know, or to offer or ask for space or rides.
Fedora means freedom — registration is free and open to everyone.
You can pre-register anonymously, but now is a great time to create a Fedora account if you don't have one! For those new to Fedora, you can register in the Fedora Account System and follow the instructions there to complete the FPCA. This process usually takes less than 5 minutes. The information you enter below is viewable by anyone, and is considered Publicly Available Personal Information.

Add your name to the list if you will attend. FUDCon is free and open for everyone to attend.

After the bidding phase is over, this information will be used for the actual registration.

# Name T-shirt Size Roomshare? Hotel Booked? Country Comments (extra line for badge)
1 Wolnei Junior G yes No Brazil
2 Luis Bazan L yes No Panama
3 Abdel Martínez S yes No Panama
4 Fernando Espinoza S yes No Nicaragua
5 Edwind Contreras XL yes (tatica) No Venezuela
6 Maria Leandro M yes (Richzendy) No Venezuela
7 Yohan Graterol L yes (echevemaster) No Colombia
8 Eduardo Echeverria XL yes (yograterol) No Colombia
9 Neville A. Cross XL unsure no Nicaragua
10 Daniel Bruno L yes no Brazil
11 Efren Robledo L yes no Mexico
12 Oscar Creatur L yes no Mexico
13 Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis L no no Peru
14 Adrian D. Soliard XL yes no Argentina
15 Samuel Gutierrez Aviles S yes No Nicaragua
16 Juan Eduardo Barba Olivet M yes no Panama
17 Kiara Navarro M yes no Panama
18 Larry Letelier L yes no Chile
19 Bernardo C. Hermitaño A M yes No Perú
20 Gonzalo Nina Mamani L yes No Bolivia
21 Itamar Reis Peixoto L yes No Brazil
22 Leticia Canuto M yes No Brazil
22 Johel Batista S yes No Panama

Talk Proposal

FUDcon Cordoba 2015 talks and workshops, will be held during 10th and 11th. Please, feel free to submit your talk or workshop proposal.

Start Date: April 27, 2015.

Due Date: May 7, 2015.

Vote results: May 15, 2015.

# Name Proposal Talk Duration Comments (special requirements)
1 Maria Leandro Brand and Design with OpenSource Tools 45min None
2 Maria Leandro Building a successful business using OpenSource 30min None
3 Edwind Contreras Taller de empaquetado de RPM 60min None
4 Johel Batista Educación Libre con Fedora 45min None
5 Wolnei Junior Fedora Next 60min None
6 Wolnei Junior Fedora QA 60min None
7 Wolnei Junior Why contribute to Free Software? 60min None
8 Fernando Espinoza web development with angularjs end pickadatejs 60min None
9 Fernando Espinoza fedora for business development 40min None
10 Kiara Navarro Fedora Electronic Lab, how to use it to work with electronics projects? 60min None
11 Kiara Navarro Integrating Arduino Plataform and Fedora 60min None