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FUDCon EMEA 2009 planning

At FAD EMEA 2008, we made a short list of possible cities for FUDCon EMEA 2009. We would prefer to hold FUDCon EMEA 2009 no earlier than June, and no later than September.

Each city has an owner who is responsible for looking into initial organizational questions.

After phase 1, we will eliminate cities for which the logistics are impossible, and narrow down the options.

Phase 1: Information Gathering

Deadline: January 30, 2009

By the deadline, please add any information that you have gathered. Refer to the FUDCon organization page for some of the requirements. For Phase 1, the most important requirements are:

  • Facilities -- is there a faciilty that can give us the infrastructure that we need for a FUDCon? This means 3 days worth of space, typically one large room (150-200) and 4 or 5 smaller rooms (20-30), as well as a general "lobby" area. Wifi is also essential.
  • Lodging -- is there a hotel that we can book for attendees, that is relatively close to the actual location? Is there public transportation? What are the prices like? Is there wifi included?
  • Budget -- Keep in mind that the entire budget for the event (food, shirts, hotel subsidies, travel subsidies, etc.) will be about $20k USD (14k EUR). Also keep in mind that some of that money might be needed to help get Red Hat engineers from Stuttgart or Brno to the event, depending on where the event is. This will depend on what kind of budget is available for Red Hat engineers in Europe to travel to the event.


Owner: GeroldKassube

This option is for FUDCon EMEA 2009 to be co-organized around LinuxTag 2009. We already have an idea of what this event might look like, due to work that Gerold and Marko Jung have already done.


Owner: ThomasWoerner

For phase 1, we need information about FUDCon location, potential hotel information, and options for dates of the event. One of the benefits of this location is that several Red Hat engineers are already there.


Owner: JeroenVanMeeuwen

FUDCon would be either in Utrecht or Delft, both a short train ride from Amsterdam's airport. For phase 1, we need information about about FUDCon location, potential hotel information, and options for dates of the event.

  • GeroldKassube 2008-12-20: the price for the cheapest flight (I found today) from Zurich to Amsterdam (both ways) costs approx. CHF 350,- which is about ~ EUR 230,-


Owner: AndreasRau

FUDCon would be at the University of Basel, since Andreas works there. For phase 1, we need to finalize the FUDCon location, potential hotel information, and options for dates of the event.


Owner: DimitrisGlezos

After seeing the vibrant Linux community in Athens, as well as the comparatively inexpensive costs and excellent subway system, MaxSpevack suggested Athens as a potential location for a FUDCon, but needs to follow up with Dimitris to gauge interest.

First, we need to decide whether or not to keep Athens on the list. If so, then for phase 1, we need information about about FUDCon location, potential hotel information, and options for dates of the event.

Dimitris asked a few Qs and got a few As:

  • Facilities: There is a good chance we could get space at the National Technical University of Athens. We know people who believe in open source and can help us with that.
  • A few FOSS conferences were held there, infrastructure is pretty OK (don't know the details yet but since it's a University it should be OK). Network, wifi, sound in main area of 200, projectors are pretty much covered there. There's also a big lobby area. Photos: main room, lobby/cafe, spam, floor.
  • Lodging -- Since it's Athens I'm pretty sure we can find a multitude of hotels close by. The venue is a 10' bus from the heart of Athens, the Parthenon etc. Prices are decent (ticket for bus/metro/etc 80c, day ticket €3).
  • Budget -- Probably quite lower than other European capitals and expensive cities, but possibly a bit higher than others like Brno.
  • Availability: We'll need some concrete dates possible early on to book the venue. The fact that it's weekend will probably make things easier.
  • Other details: Local LUG is willing to help out. Probably 30+ hackers will come around to participate/watch/etc, since the community here is quite vibrant. We should have in mind that Greek universities are sometimes closed by the students opposing to something someone is doing wrong. We can cross our fingers this won't happen during our weekend. :)

  • GeroldKassube: the price for a cheapest flight from Zurich to Athens (both ways) costs approx. CHF 500,- which is about ~ EUR 350,-


Owner: RadekVokal

After last year's success, returning to Brno is always an option. Max needs to speak with Radek to see if this is possible for 2009. For phase 1, we basically need to know if we can replicate last year's facilities and hotel, and what dates would be best.

The primary benefit of this location is that a great number of Red Hat engineers are in that location, and not all of them would be able to attend a FUDCon somewhere else.

Comments from Radek: Confirmed with the University. We have the same offer as last year.