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| Adam Miller || Boston or Westford || Needs crash space
| Adam Miller || Boston or Westford || Needs crash space
| Bill Peck || Westford ||
! Person !! Pickup Location !! Notes
! Person !! Pickup Location !! Notes

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This page is for recording logistics like temporary lodging info, things to bring, and so forth. Return to FUDCon Toronto 2009


Bus company Cost Comments
TravelPackUSA $525/day for 15ppl
  • Unsure if required to keep them to drive around Toronto, awaiting reply
Sunshine Boston $4300
  • 43-seater is all they have
R.C. Herrmann (need quote)
  • 36-seat passenger coach, looks pretty darn nice
  • Spot says "hell no," with justification
Cavalier Coach (quote requested)
  • Sent quote request 2009-09-14
  • Very nice exec. coach w/AC, might be expensive
Yankee Line (quote requested)
  • Sent quote request 2009-09-14
  • Can't tell about AC
Nevarez $4875 + driver hotel + gratuity
  • Unsure about AC power, or if service runs to Toronto
US Coachways $5100
  • No AC power
Local Motion of Boston ~$2700
  • Might have AC power (at least one vehicle being upgraded, hopefully done by Dec 09)


  • Bus departs the Boston/Westford area on Friday morning, December 4
  • Potential route:
    • Pickup in Boston, @ Alewife station ~9:00am
    • Pickup in Westford, @ Red Hat ~10:00am
    • Onward to Toronto, arrive ~10:30pm?
  • Bus may not be available throughout weekend depending on incremental cost.
  • Bus departs Toronto on Tuesday morning, December 8
  • Bus arrives in Boston/Westford Tuesday evening

Other concerns

  • From Chris Tyler: it's worth asking for a bus with AC power at the seats -- makes laptop users happier.
    • Chris, where did you book your bus? Finding AC power on tour buses is proving very difficult.
      • Several of the Canadian carriers had AC-enabled buses. We used Great Canadian.
  • From Paul Frields: If we pack at least 12-15 people on the bus, we do better than breaking even.

People riding the bus

Not a Red Hat-only bus!
You're welcome whether you're a Red Hat employee or not.
Person Pickup Location Notes
Tim Burke Westford
Máirín Duffy Westford or Boston would work for me
Dan Walsh Westford
Jesse Keating Westford or Boston
Tom "spot" Callaway Westford or Boston
Christopher Aillon Boston
Mel Chua Westford or Boston bus monitor #1, looking for a second. Also, I'M ON A BUS
Jon Masters Boston or Westford tentative
Martin Duffy (if not RH-ers allowed) Boston or Westford tentative
Peter Jones Boston or Westford
Jon Stanley Boston or Westford (depending) Need crash space Thurs night (coming from NYC via bus)
Luke Macken Boston or Westford
Dave Malcolm Boston or Westford
Clint Savage Boston Flying in from Salt Lake, so I need specifics
Ian Weller Boston Would happily ride bus to save money on plane ticket from ICT, if I'm going
Chris Lumens Westford
Denise Dumas Westford
Jon McCann Boston or Westford tentative
Remy DeCausemaker Boston or Westford
Adam Jackson Boston or Westford
Toshio Kuratomi Westford or Boston Flying in from Sacramento. I'll tag along w/ spot.
Sebastian Dziallas return only, to Boston Flying into YYZ, but out from BOS.
Howard Johnson Westford or Boston Looking for crash space in Boston, flying in from the UK
Andy Lindeberg Boston or Westford
Stephen Smoogen Boston or Westford Needs crash space
Adam Miller Boston or Westford Needs crash space
Bill Peck Westford
Person Pickup Location Notes


Seneca@York - 70 The Pond Rd, Toronto, Ontario

Saturday/Sunday - SEQ building

  • 160-seat stepped theater
  • 128-seat stepped theater
  • Two large glassed-in rooms (roughly 60-seat capacity depending on layout)
  • Four additional classrooms with flexible layout, 35+ seats each

Each room has at least:

  • video projector with 15-pin sub-D (VGA) input
  • dual-boot podium PC

Stepped classrooms also have document cameras.

Monday - TEL Building

  • VR room - flexible config, 30-60 people (Barco floor-to-ceiling HD video projector)
  • 12-seat conference room (no projector, can get a portable one)
  • 8-seat conference room (projector with VGA input)
  • 6-seat meeting room (no projector)
  • Upper-K, 60+ seat glassed-in room (projector with VGA input, dual-boot podium computer)
  • Large classroom with round tables and chairs (projector with VGA input)


Hilton Garden Inn (HGI) Toronto/Vaughan - $105/night double occupancy, free King suite for hospitality (e.g., Hack Room)

  • Located at Hwy 7 & Interchange Way - 10 minutes by car or Viva rapid transit.
  • Internet access: wired and wireless, password-free.
  • 3 years old.
  • Food options nearby, restaurant in hotel, room service available.
  • Free parking (including the bus).
  • Pool, fitness room.

Ground Transportation

  • Seneca@York buildings are 8-10 minutes from hotel by Viva (2 stops). Rates are $3.25 cash or $26/10 tickets.
  • Parking at York is abundant but expensive ($14/day). Parking at hotel is free, so attendees should consider the Viva option.


Possible locations:


Here's a map of all the nearby facilities.



RH will buy food. What food are we getting?


Attendees pay for food, but as the cafeteria is closed we will be getting catered pizza (approx. $4/person) and asking people to chip in.


On your own. There is a cafeteria at Seneca, and food places nearby.