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Friday, January 18

This schedule is subject to approval. Talks will be assigned Friday morning during BarCamp voting. All times are Central Standard Time (local time for Lawrence).

Time 2111 Learned 2112 Learned 2133 Learned 2142 Learned 3150 Learned 3152 Learned
09:00–10:15 Plenary session: welcome, BarCamp pitches and voting, FPL talk (Spahr Engineering Classroom)
10:45–11:30 State of the kernel ARM to primary Fedora infra: What's next? SELinux for Dummies Cloud server stacks for F19 Hyperkitty
11:40–12:25 Fed Up ARM building exercises Everything you never wanted to not know about Secure Boot and weren't afraid to not ask Linux performance tools oVirt Pulp (Repository management, yum, puppet, others)
12:30–13:20 Lunch!
13:30–14:20 Lightning talks, see below (Spahr Engineering Classroom)
14:30–15:20 Ansible (config command control and rpc) Overhauling the Fedora release model EPEL Making cloud image more awesome Apache Cloudstack FedMsg
15:30–16:20 The blocker and NTH process in Fedora State of Fedora security DevOps: Please don't abuse Robyn! Coprs (ad hoc package builds and repository creation) OpenStack (open source IaaS cloud) Micro-web framework, unit tests, web-app maintainability
16:30–17:20 Secure Linux containers An intro to the new Fedora 18 installer Schedule as a tool Saving spins and Fedora Formulas OpenShift Open source PaaS FEL, a little intro to the electronic world with Fedora

Lightning talks (Friday)

We'll do lightning talks after lunch on Friday (depending on things). These talks are to be no longer than 5 minutes, at which point we will gong you out. Talk about what you are passionate about, which doesn't have to necessarily be Fedora.

If you're interested, list your proposed talk below. We have time for 10 talks, so please don't list your talk here if there are already 10.

Talk name Talker Comments
Texas Hold'em Poker for fun and profit: Learn how to play before the annual Fedora Poker Game Robyn Bergeron A super-quick overview of the rules of Texas Hold'em.
pkgwat and the Fedora Packages webapp Ralph Bean An introduction the Fedora Packages webapp and related tools.
fedocal: a calendar webapp for Fedora Pierre-Yves Chibon Short presentation to fedocal, a calendar web application for Fedora.
OpenLMI: The Open Linux Manageability Infrastructure Stephen Gallagher Short introduction to centralized manageability
Open Source Security Eric Christensen I'm looking for a few good hackers to help create developer training and resources.
Write docs without pain Dan Allen Intro to AsciiDoc, a lightweight alternative to writing docs without abandoning the DocBook toolchain.
Hacking the Raspberry Pi Chris Tyler An instant demo of sensing and controlling things from the Pi, directly from the command line
Introducing the wonderful Websites hacking sessions Kévin Raymond Looking for help on several tickets, mostly one big that is going to help everything later. Makefiles, Python, Genshi
Revisit Revisor Jonathan Steffan What is missing and why, redesign walkthrough and usecases.

Friday evening

We'll be in the Naismith ballroom of the hotel starting at 7 for pizza, cupcakes, drinks, and games: