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People who are recording sessions in IRC: Link to your sessions from here!
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Did you attend FUDCon Toronto,<br/>or wish you had?<br/>Please [ take the feedback survey!]

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Did you attend FUDCon Toronto,
or wish you had?
Please take the feedback survey!

Technical Sessions (first floor) User Tracks (first floor) Technical Sessions (second floor)
Room 1 2 (stream) 3 4 5 6 7 (stream) 8
Observing Fedora with SystemTap


Secure Virtualization


Cloud Computing + Fedora and Amazon EC2

(log slides)

Installing Fedora 12


Effective Bug Reporting

(log) (or killing CD ISOs w/ the network)


Eclipse for Fedora + Linux peeps


Designing the Application Update and Install Experience


State of X / State of the Kernel (log) Fedora, Zikula and Fedora Insight minutes (log) AMQP Messaging for Fedora Developers + Infrastructure on the Bus


Installing Software


QA: What we do and how to help!


Mirror Manager + Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Secure Mirroring System

(log MirrorManager slides)

Getting Started with IPv6


Being Present -- AKA how we teach open source at universities


Designing the Future of Free Software Operating System User Experiences - GNOME Shell / 3.0 (logs) What is new with GDB minutes AMQP + Qpid minutes Storage Management with LVM minutes


Join the Fedora Community minutes Java and Fedora (not logged) Can't we all just get along? - Sysadmin & Developer Panel (description) minutes System Config Tools overview & PolicyKit (log

slides PolicyKit 1 example)

WTF is SELinux trying to tell me? AutoQA + Beaker Automated Testing (slides) (slides)log INCOMPLETE: contact adamw for complete log "Git"ing rid of dist-cvs slides (log) How the Fedora Project works (no attendees showed) Designing UI mockups in Inkscape

(log ODP PDF)

Yum and "friends" in F12 and beyond Fedora, OLPC and Sugar, oh my!(log) GCC, C++, tools, DXR and Fedora (notes)
Real Life Problems and How Fedora Infrastructure Fixed Them MediaWiki syntax for non-experts Moksha and Fedora Community -- Real-time web apps with Python and AMQP (log) (slides) How to run rawhide (no attendees showed) Packaging howto Design Eye for the Frightful UI

(log ODP PDF )

Open Source Anthropology / Anthro Research for Open Source minutes Trademarks in Fedora from the awesome Red Hat Lawyer!