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People who are recording sessions in IRC: Link to your sessions from here!

Technical Sessions (first floor) User Tracks (first floor) Technical Sessions (second floor)
Technical Sessions Room 1 (160) Room 2 (128) Room 3 (60) Room 4 (30) Room 5 (30) Room 6 (60) Room 7 (35) Room 8 (30)
12:00–12:50 Observing Fedora with SystemTap Secure Virtualization Cloud Computing + Fedora and Amazon EC2 Installing Fedora 12 Effective Bug Reporting (or killing CD ISOs w/ the network) Eclipse for Fedora + Linux peeps Designing the Application Update and Install Experience
14:00–14:50 State of X / State of the Kernel Fedora, Zikula and Fedora Insight AMQP Messaging for Fedora Developers + Infrastructure on the Bus Installing Software QA: What we do and how to help! Mirror Manager + Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Secure Mirroring System Getting Started with IPv6 Being Present -- AKA how we teach open source at universities
15:00–15:50 Designing the Future of Free Software Operating System User Experiences - GNOME Shell / 3.0 What is new with GDB AMQP + Qpid Storage Management with LVM Join the Fedora Community Java and Fedora Can't we all just get along? - Sysadmin & Developer Panel System Config Tools overview & PolicyKit