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FUDCon Live is a process for capturing FUDCon content and relaying it to remote participants, either through IRC, AV streaming, or other means.

This is a document on how to be a go between for fudcon live, namely the roles User:Mchua Mel Chua and User:Ynemoy Yaakov Nemoy have played in the past

For the most part, the howto on transcribing is described at FUDCon:How To Transcribe a Session

Things that need documented:

what things in an event need to be documented, and to what level, latency, and amount of participation

  • sessions
  • big talks ("state of Fedora" address arguably should be videoed, etc)
    • Everything should be video and audio, but if we make it available live or not is another question.
  • more importantly, documentation is relatively easy, how do we encourage remote involvement?

Before the event setup

How to watch over the process Templates for setting up tables to record logs Naming scheme to use for irc channels, to maintain consistency Adminning zodbot to be in those channels when needed (what privs do you need?) Wrap up process

  • Getting logs
  • Slides
  • Video
  • Audio
  • all into one block on a table people can look up

Providing all of the above in a similar table for real time, for sessions still in progress

Example of this is:

I guess another step is to try to get as many slides up front as possible, so we don't have to worry about forgetful presenters a step by step advertisement process to get more attention, something we failed to do right, cause of time constraints

pre-event announcements

what you need to do to publicize the infrastructure (described above, already set up) to people to prepare them

At the event announcement

what you need to say, in what forum, to whom, so everyone knows how to participate at fudcon live

  • at the physical event
  • on what online channels

at the event monitoring

howto run around during an event and make sure things are being logged at any given point in time

cleaning up logs afterwards

how to get things into the format of (possibly providing that page and saying "it should look like that" is going to be sufficient)

who to thank

when you send out your fudcon live wrapup announcement, where do you send it, who do you need to make sure you say thank-you to?

survey design

And how we can do fudcon live better in the future at fudcons, based on survey results

coarse points - general results from the survey itself it seems alot of people were aware of fudcon live, but did not necessarily participate more than a quarter of surveyees were not aware of fudcon live fudcon live only hindered five people, i'm curious why docs were good, but not excellent most people think the wiki is the best distribution center people are not hot for google wave

- probably because it is non-free
- that's not true though, but it's not fully understood yet either
- well, the client is not open, true

gobby got some good attention whiteboarding too audio/video streaming needed, and whoever said that about the CCC guys (probably andreas thienemann) is 100% correct

and that puking pony could very well have been me, i did have a horrible cold after fudcon

fine points - details that are otherwise missed but also important

none identified yet


  1.  Decide what our goals are - what do wew want out of fudcon live in the future
  2. Decide on the results we should see on the following survey - translate the above into quantifiable goals
  3. Identify changes and the expected results - put your thinking caps on!
  4. After the next event or two, see if we've made improvement - include the results in the previous half of this doc so the next person who does this isn't working on a clean slate