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In this section, we cover discussion of Fedora virtualization technologies on the @fedora-virt, @fedora-xen-list, @libguestfs, @libvirt-list, @virt-tools-list, and @ovirt-devel-list lists.

Contributing Writer: Dale Bewley

Fedora Xen List

This section contains the discussion happening on the fedora-xen list.

New Upstream Xen Release

Pasi Kärkkäinen pointed [1] out new upstream Xen 3.3.2 and 3.4.1 releases. Gerd Hoffmann built Fedora packages[2] for testing.

Updated Dom0 Test Kernel

Michael Young posted[1] a test build kernel-2.6.31-[2] found in his repository.[3] "I have had trouble getting x86_64 kernels built over the last week or so to boot, but this one does work. I haven't tried i686."

Libguestfs List

This section contains the discussion happening on the libguestfs list.

New Release libguestfs 1.0.67

Richard Jones announced [1] the release of Package-x-generic-16.pnglibguestfs 1.0.67.

New Features:

  • SELinux support, for guests that use it
  • inotify support
  • Allow swapon/swapoff from a swap file
  • New commands to make hard and symbolic links, readlink
  • New commands to grep files
  • New commands: fallocate, file-architecture, realpath
  • 'file' command can now look in compressed files automatically

Libvirt List

This section contains the discussion happening on the libvir-list.

New Release libvirt 0.7.0

Daniel Veillard announced[1] a new Package-x-generic-16.pnglibvirt release, version 0.7.0.

"A couple days later than expected, but considering the current flow of fixes, that's not a bad thing. This is a huge release, this includes more than 250 commits in a month and many new functionalities or drivers, and a lot of improvements and bug fixes:"

New features:

  • Interface implementation based on netcf (Laine Stump Daniel Veillard)
  • Add new net filesystem glusterfs (Harshavardhana)
  • Initial VMWare ESX driver (Matthias Bolte)
  • Add support for VBox 3 and event callbacks on vbox (Pritesh Kothari)
  • First version of the Power Hypervisor driver (Eduardo Otubo)
  • Run QEMU guests as an unprivileged user (Daniel P. Berrange)
  • Support cgroups in QEMU driver (Daniel P. Berrange)
  • QEmu hotplug NIC support (Mark McLoughlin)
  • Storage cloning for LVM and Disk backends(Cole Robinson)
  • Switching to GIT (Jim Meyering)