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In this section, we cover discussion on the @et-mgmnt-tools-list, @fedora-xen-list, @libvirt-list and @ovirt-devel-list of Fedora virtualization technologies.

Contributing Writer: Dale Bewley

Fedora Virtualization List

This section contains the discussion happening on the fedora-virt list.

Fedora Virtualization Status Report

Mark McLoughlin's status report[1] this week reminds us that the final development freeze[2] for Fedora 11 is coming up on April 14, 2009, and "there's a huge pile of bug-fixing and polish work to do".

"If you're looking to help out, there's no better place to start than the F11VirtBlocker[3] and F11VirtTarget[4] tracker bugs."

Read on for more coverage of virtualization developments in the past week.

Using kvm-autotest to test Fedora KVM

Mark McLoughlin explained[1] "upstream KVM developers are working hard on a suite of regression tests for KVM. It would be hugely helpful if people could run kvm-autotest[2] on their own machines to try and catch as many KVM issues as possible." Mark also provided a howto[3].

Fedora Xen List

This section contains the discussion happening on the fedora-xen list.

Experimental Dom0 Kernel Update

Michael Young announced[1] his repository[2] "is up to kernel 2.6.29-1.2.18.fc11. This one is based on push2/xen/dom0/master[3] rather than xen/dom0/hackery which should be closer to what is proposed for the 2.6.30 merge. It also has CONFIG_HIGHPTE=n (for x86), but my attempts to add squashfs 3 in addition to squashfs 4 didn't work as it seems you can't build both."

Libvirt List

This section contains the discussion happening on the libvir-list.

New Release libvirt 0.6.2

Daniel Veillard announced[1] a new Package-x-generic-16.pnglibvirt release, version 0.6.2.

"This is mostly a bug fix release, though it also includes a few new features and some improvements:"

New features:

  • support SASL auth for VNC server (Daniel Berrange)
  • memory ballooning in QEMU (Daniel Berrange)
  • SCSI HBA storage pool support (Dave Allan)
  • PCI passthrough in Xen driver (Daniel Berrange)


  • get CPU usage info for LXC (Ryota Ozaki)
  • fix domain RNG to add ac97 and tests (Pritesh Kothari)
  • OpenVZ support for non-template filesystem root (Florian Vichot)
  • improve arch capabilities generation (Daniel Berrange)
  • modularization of spec file (Ryota Ozaki)
  • better error reports in SEXPR generation (Daniel Berrange)
  • support for vifname parameter in VIF config (Daniel Berrange)
  • localtime handling for new xen (Daniel Berrange)
  • error reporting/ verification of security labels (Dan Walsh)
  • add --console arg for create and start virsh commands (Daniel Berrange)
  • refresh volume alloc/capacity when dumping XML (Cole Robinson)

This release comes one month after the release of 0.6.1[2].

Daniel Veillard referred[3] to the scheduling conversation last week (FWN#169[4]) when reitterating the plan for a feature freeze around April 17th and a release of 0.6.3 around April 24th.

"Plannned so far for 0.6.3 are:

  • API for physical host interface
  • the VirtualBox driver if in shape and in time

but that's not an exhaustive list and there is a couple of drivers submitted I need to look at (OpenNebula for example)."