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== Owner ==
== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:Charlesrose| Tomas Smetana]]
* Name: [[User:Charlesrose| Charles Rose]]
* Email:
* Email:

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Agent-Free Systems Management


On server class systems, monitoring and managing hardware health/configuration remotely for large number of systems is crucial. One important component of this systems management solution on each server is the Service Processor. System Administrators and Monitoring/Configuration Software (like Nagios, etc.) connect to the Service Processor via shared/dedicated management networks.

The information provided by the Service Processor is mostly independent of the Operating System running on the server. It is possible through systems management software installed on the operating system to obtain a richer set of systems management functionality overall. Such systems management software that run on Linux are specific to the vendor of the server, and can also be proprietary. They can also be bulky and require to be validated/managed like any other application.

We can envision an ideal systems management solution comprising of the Service Processor and the operating system combination that “just work” without the need for a vendor specific (and sometimes proprietary) software without a major loss of feature.

The goal of this feature is the substitute some of the important functionality of the systems management software that is usually installed on the operating system by a native implementation. This will also put existing standards already in use by Service Processors like IPMI and WSMAN to better use.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 18
  • Last updated: 2012-07-23
  • Percentage of completion: 30 %

Detailed Description