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Echo Icon theme


Echo icon theme (echo-icon-theme) is a set of icons designed to be new Fedora default icon theme. It started as a personal project until the community took over.


  • Name: Luya Tshimbalanga, Martin Sourada

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 10
  • Last updated: (2008-09-18)
  • Percentage of completion: ~92%
    • Counted as total number of icons present in Echo compared to total number of icons needed for F10
    • Completed icons from the System->Administration menu (Gnome desktop)
    • Currently set as default icon theme for F10
    • Work in progress on important icons
  • Available in a distribution for a number of releases (non-default)

Detailed Description

Echo icon theme is a new set of icons designed to be the successor of Bluecurve. While most oher icons set move to 2D flat perspective, Echo will retains the isometric view from Bluecurve while using similar metaphors like Tango! or Gnome icon theme.

Benefit to Fedora

A unique set of icons that combines elegance and usability.


Echo-icon-theme is also available on Rawhide as pre-0.4 version. Goal is to set it as default theme for Fedora 10.

Test Plan

  • Moving echo-icon-theme to a host. Echo Icon Theme website (done)
  • Adding more icons size to support any desktop environment. (done)
  • Improving the guidelines (done)
  • Redesigning some icons to match echo theme. (in progress)
  • Create new icons, as listed in ToDo (in progress)
  • Working with Tango team on icon-naming specifications.

User Experience

Users will have a fresh look of the icons designed specially for Fedora.


  • gnome-icon-theme (in repos)

Contingency Plan

Stay with Mist icon theme.


Release Notes

Probably none needed?

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