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= Enlightenment =
#REDIRECT [[Changes/Enlightenment]]
== Summary ==
Integrate Enlightenment in Fedora
== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:sundaram| Rahul Sundaram]]
* Email: sundaram AT
Please add your name here if you are willing to help.
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: [[Releases/19 | Fedora 19 ]]
* Last updated: 2013-01-03
* Percentage of completion: 40%
== Detailed Description ==
Enlightenment 0.17 a new stable release has been released after 12 years or so of development.  The goal is to include all of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, the Enlightenment window manager and the integrated apps like Terminology as part of Fedora.  All the essential packages are already filed for review
* e_dbus
* embryo
* edje
* eio
* emotion
* eeze
* ethumb
* elementary
* efreet
* enlightenment
* terminology
== Benefit to Fedora ==
Enlightenment 0.17 will be easily installable in Fedora
== Scope ==
Ideally, we would want to package up a few themes and optional extras but if all the packages filed for review were in the repo, that would be sufficient.
NOTE:  If there is sufficient interest and participation,  a Fedora Enlightenment spin could be released
== How To Test ==
Once the packages are through the review process, we can test this easily.  I will be setting up a temporary repo before that at
== User Experience ==
# yum install @enlightenment should install the new desktop environment
== Dependencies ==
* All packages need to be reviewed and tested
== Contingency Plan ==
* Simply don't include the packages
== Documentation ==
Upstream components has a number of man pages and HTML content that will be included within the packages
== Release Notes ==
Enlightnment, 0.17, a new stable release of Enlightenment is now fully integrated in Fedora.  <add more details here>
== Comments and Discussion ==
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