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= Kolab Groupware =
#REDIRECT [[Features/Kolab3]]
== Summary ==
Add the [ Kolab] Groupware to Fedora
== Owner ==
* Name: [ Christoph Wickert], [ Jeroen van Meeuwen]
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: [[Releases/X|  Fedora X]]
* Last updated: (DATE)
* Percentage of completion: XX%
== Detailed Description ==
Improve the frozboz stack so it works with standard frozboz devices by rebasing to the latest upstream version and merging in patches provided by the snozboz project which will double the speed of all frozboz devices when four or more are connected at the same time.
== Benefit to Fedora ==
The current release of Fedora 7 contains frozboz 1.07.  The current upstream version is 5.03.  Rebasing to the latest version will bring Fedora into parity with all of the other leading distributions.  In addition, adding the snozboz patches will make Fedora twice as fast as the other leading distributions that do not contain these patches.
== Scope ==
Requires rebasing to the latest upstream version and updating the spec file to pull in the snozboz patches.
== Test Plan ==
# Get a pile of frozboz devices.
# Run the latest frozboz testsuite on i386 and x86_64 platforms
# Work with Fedora QA to ensure that we have sufficient coverage
== User Experience ==
# Users of the updated version of frozboz should notice an increase in the speed of their devices over older versions.
# Users should notice that frozboz devices are automatically mounted and that the icon appears on the desktop
== Dependencies ==
=== Server ===
* cyrus Imapd: done
* postfix: done
* openldap: done
* dovecot
** [ dovecot-metadata-plugin]
* php-patches:
** annotations
** myrights
* kolabd
* kolabconf
* libkolab-perl, kolab-perl, perl-kolab or whatever we call it
* kolab-fbview
* kolab-filter
* kolab-freebusy
=== Client ===
* horde components and PEAR packages
* [ Synkolab plugin for thunderbird] (needs to be updated for TB3)
=== Spin ===
* a demo Kolab livecd
** latest server
** latest client
** preconfigured demo user
== Contingency Plan ==
* Don't ship Kolab
== Documentation ==
== Release Notes ==
Users upgrading to the latest version of frozboz from a previous version will need to run frozbozilator-update in order for previously mapped devices to be recognized under the new version.

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