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1click Install


1click install is very simple way to install packages.

In its backend, XML files are used. openSUSE introduced it, but their XML is not appropriate for Fedora, so I've change the format a bit, but I have no handler (I just have an idea, proposal).


  • JakubRusinek

Current status

  • Targeted release: N/A
  • Last updated: 2008-02-10
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed description

Example XML

<metapackage xmlns:os="" xmlns="">
<repository recommended="true">
<summary>Nonfree packages</summary>
<description> provides many useful packages that can not be distributed in Fedora (previously known as Fedora Core and Extras) for one reason or another, including multimedia applications such as xine and VideoLanClient, and video drivers for ATI and Nvidia cards: Why switch to the Livna-packaged drivers.</description>
<summary>GStreamer Ugly Plugins Pack</summary>
<description>This codec pack provides ie. mp3 support to GStreamer-based apps such as Totem or Rhythmbox.</description>

Defining XML elements

  • metapackage tag represents main tree
  • repositories tag represents repositories requires to install software
  • software tag represents software to install (few packages can be installed for the same program/etc)
  • repositories tree contains "repository" tags, which are trees too, but they contain the name, short summary, description, rpm with .repo file and url of repo
  • software contains "item"'s trees, which contain names, summarys and descriptions (no other info needed) and probably in future, when PackageKit will incorporate them - icons

This file format is very easy to edit even by hand, and even to parse with XML pqrser - code would be very intuitive.

Benefit to Fedora

Ease of software installation. Bringing more usability to users.


Test plan

  • Create handler for XML files.
  • Create XML file for package in some 3rd party repository.
  • Test handling XML file.

User expierience

openSUSE users, which have this feature already are satisfied.

From users point of view Linux Mint implementation of "one click install" is much better because on OpenSuse "one click install". On OpenSuse it is actually 6-7 clicks where on Linux Mint it is 2 clicks.


Requires writing handler for XML files.

Contingency plan

Doing nothing.

Release notes


  • Adding repositories might not be required, but some kind of people don't know how to install Compiz Fusion/etc. Also, RPM Fusion (livna+freshrpm+dribble) will be the most popular non-free repo. When system is installed, first thing they will probably do is installing codecs. Then someone creates file, which helps install RPM Fusion repository and ie. gstreamer-plugins-ugly. That's it. Making installation easier. Also, when someone creates his RPM (not repo), there will be no need to download it, find and click. - JakubRusinek
  • knurd , 20080210: maybe it's me, but the summary is not really helpful to understand what this really is about and how it works
  • knurd , 20080210: repo mixing problems are a big problem in Fedora-land already. Will this stuff make the situation even more problematic? Just imagine what happens when people start to 1click packages from fresh...., atr... and liv... Even worse, what happens when two or three opensuse buildsys repos come into the mix that might replace packages from the other repos of Fedora? And where to people get updates from for packages they 1click installed?
  • This feature would be great for new Fedora users and especially for new users to linux in general. If this goes through please look at Linux Mint and their work flow because user experience on Linux Mint is far superior to OpenSuse. For reference please look also at Linux Lint Software Portal: - ValentTurkovic