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This page contains the highest-level talking points for the Fedora 12 release. When adding to this page, consider points that have a wide appeal, and consider whether or not there is a "bigger picture" that needs to be described. In some cases, a feature is part of a multi-release arc of work, and that context can be useful to provide.

For desktop users and everyone

List 2-4 bullet items here for innovations in Fedora 12 that will be of general interest to most people using F12. The best talking points are differentiators between F12 and other distributions -- newer software, specific improvements, or cases where Fedora contributors either are, or work directly with, the upstream project(s).

  • ABRT (Automated Bug Reporting Tool)
  • PackageKit command-line and browser plugins
  • Mobile broadband enhancements
  • Ogg Thusnelda (next-gen video codec)

For administrators

This area is for 1-3 bullets that concern innovations that help make system administrators' lives better.

For developers

This area is for 1-3 bullets that discuss innovations that make Fedora a great platform for software developers.